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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Am I turning into a nana?!

Well when I told Steve I wanted to make some booties for my first great nephew....well he thinks I'm at risk of turning into a nana.

Anyway I hadn't made any before, not even for my own children (they looked to hard). So after a few failed attempts I finally came across a beautiful pair of booties made by Gillian at Electic Me which she found on Ravelry .

I still had a few teething problems, but over a few emails Gillian came to my rescue again. So a really big thankyou to Gillian. I did put a few of mine own touches. Like the contrasting trim and bow, and left out the last row on the ankle section. Wanted it to look quite bold. Took about 30 photos , but couldn't capture the brightness of the colours ( these look quite dull in the photo). 
It was easy in the end! So I might just have to make another pair....

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  1. Oh well done Trudi!!! they look Gorgeous :D
    I'm keen to make another pair or two also, its such a great pattern :)


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