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Welcome to my crafty world! I am proud mum to three gorgeous kids, a wife to a supportive husband, and a self confessed craft addict. I am continually inspired to create and would love to share this journey with you. My current obsession is crochet and spinning. I can be contacted at maudeandme@bigpond.com

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My Creative Space

Knew I would put these doillies to good use.

 And the box of fabric came in very useful too.

Now I only have 5 more cushion covers to make for our new daybed.

Didn't Steve do a great job on it!

And my bendigo wool arrived. It's rustic earth ,graphite and
peppercorn. Can't wait to create some fingerless gloves to go in my shop

 Pop over to Kootoyoo for more great creations.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

How times change......

Yeh for the last day of school holidays. Am I being completely selfish,
 but this is the first year when I've had all 3 kids at school
and I'm loving the time to myself.The time to create... So I think these holidays have been extra long for me.

But we have done some lovely things. Had a very picturesque picnic at Mangrove Creek Dam. And yesterday we took the kids to see Rio. Well Steve took the kids into the movie while I got to go into Lincraft. Who was more excited..?
So this is the last day and can we all survive the sibling fights, mum yelling "just leave your brother/sister alone!"?

I guess it's all about creating time for yourself and time for your family and balancing it all.

crocheted cotton bag using new fabric yarn

crocheted bag using new fabric yarn

And have probably spent too much time on the computer
this weekend trying to set up my bigcartel shop , just so I can justify staying at home. I feel like there is so much pressure these days for mums to go back out to work. All last year I was asked so what are you going to do when Bonnie starts school? I felt like responding with "oh just lounge about and watch t.v and read books all day!" But I didn't and I don't!
How times change.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Secret River Country

Amazing combination  - the river and The Old Great North Road. This was how we spent Good Friday. The walk along the road offers stunning views of the Wisemans area and is steeped in history.

Convict Road and MacDonald River
 The road was built by 720 convicts - some in chains.

Hangmans Rock

Work finished up on it in 1836.

Curved section Convict Road
 Some parts of the wall reach 12 metres high!

Convict Road
 It begins in Sydney and ends in The hunter region- 264km.

MacDonald River

This is in my neighbourhood. What's in yours?

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Creative House

While I've been busy crocheting Steve has been flat out too.

Making benches.

And some chopping boards...

for our easter sunday market (whats the chance of rain??).

Steve is also making a day bed for us -yippee!

Am looking out for the postie each day like an excited child-waiting for a wool delivery from Bendigo Woolen  Mills!

Monday, 18 April 2011

I love a swap

I just love my new piece of art. It has been drawn by my friend Fran Haine.
And I love Belted Galloways

 Steve made a frame for it and it now hangs proudly on my wall.
And I was so happy that I could swap it for a piece of my work.

It was winners and grinners all round!

Back to my fingerless frenzy -have orders to fill and a market to get ready for.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Just having a boring whinge

I'm just so fed up with making bread....
week after week. And its not even great bread - it is gluten free. Had to make some yesterday and I just resent the time it takes to prepare and then I have to stick around to pull it out of the machine when it is done ( unlike real bread you can leave in).

And to be even more difficult ,
no matter how many times I correct the photo, it refuses to go the right way round!! 

But it sure beats the supermarket stuff and strangley, because I am a routine girl when it comes to my brekky, I have to have toast and a good strong coffee each morning. My kids are learning quickly if this doesn't happen they get a very cranky mum, as opposed to just a cranky mum!
It took me a long time to get to an edible bread.  Very much like a science. Lots of brick-like results and lots of balloon breads that deflated soon after they left the oven. So another week and another loaf.
But I do love my breaky. I may be odd but it is the meal I would least want to live without.

Special Notice

Thursday, 14 April 2011


I just love my new finds.

A dressmaker's mannequin, Italian glassware and a very retro vinyl bag.

And a box of fabric that is making the washing machine work overtime. 

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

my creative space -A fingerless frenzey

I'm hooked on the fingerless gloves! Why?
1. They are easy - even easier when you choose a pattern that is more like wrist warmers than actual gloves.
2. I get really cold hands in winter.

So I did a search for them on Ravelry and before I could pick some , my son picked this one for himself.

And of course then my daughter wanted some..

And then some for her friend...

And then mine!

And even though they were straight forward patterns, I still altered them. Added some frills and flowers here and made them longer there, and used whatever yarn I had in the stash.
Thinking about it ...I think they are really fingerless mittens.
 Kootoyoo 's creative space is on holidays this week.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Flower power

Recently we were invited to a "Hippy" party. First thoughts were wow what fun to dress up. Then there was a realisation hey thats kind of what I wear a lot of the days anyway. So while I didn't really go fancy dress, the rest of the family got the chance to indulge.
I did indulge in a bit of crocheting ...

from the cotton stash I re-discovered in the previous post.

For my flower power girl.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Treasures refound

It's amazing what can change in a year. Last year all I was creating in crochet were squares. Then the light seemed to shine and I  found myself being able to decipher crochet patterns. And I haven't been able to stop!

It's also amazing that this chest came into our being more than 2 years ago and after taking a few wools and threads out of it , we stuck it away in our caravan. And there it remained buried.....

.....Until recently, and I thought about what else was inside.... 

loads and loads of cottons....

...and doilies...

...and more  crochet lovelies....

So I've already been creating with the cottons. More about that later.
Now the dilema is what to do with the chest. I am falling for it , but where to put it is the question.
Just no space in the house...

Sunday, 3 April 2011

What a cutie!

I wrote in an earlier post about Small Joys for Japan where Lexi from pottymouthmama  is coordinating with Calico &Ivy a collection of handmade and new toys for the children in Japan.
I made this little fella and he is eager to go on the journey. The pattern can be found here, really easy (just what I like!)


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