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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Just having a boring whinge

I'm just so fed up with making bread....
week after week. And its not even great bread - it is gluten free. Had to make some yesterday and I just resent the time it takes to prepare and then I have to stick around to pull it out of the machine when it is done ( unlike real bread you can leave in).

And to be even more difficult ,
no matter how many times I correct the photo, it refuses to go the right way round!! 

But it sure beats the supermarket stuff and strangley, because I am a routine girl when it comes to my brekky, I have to have toast and a good strong coffee each morning. My kids are learning quickly if this doesn't happen they get a very cranky mum, as opposed to just a cranky mum!
It took me a long time to get to an edible bread.  Very much like a science. Lots of brick-like results and lots of balloon breads that deflated soon after they left the oven. So another week and another loaf.
But I do love my breaky. I may be odd but it is the meal I would least want to live without.

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  1. Hi... sorry to intrude... I have come across your blog as you do clicking from link to link and see that we have a common 'problem'. While not labelled a coeliac as such I can not tolerate wheat or gluten. This is a recent process of elimination, self investigate and solved or overcome.

    I have a friend who's husband works for Simply Wize or Momentum Foods. He is, as are 3 out of 4 kids, a coeliac. His poor wife is always bringing me samples of cookies and bread she has made. She recently shared this little gem with me and compaired to the Choices range of Hot Cross Buns, these are just like Bakers Delight but are best eaten on the day they are made... feel free to tell me to go away but I am a caring sharing kinda gal...

    So, for Hot Cross Buns you need a box of Simply Wize Crusty Bready Mix and you need to buy yeast as well if you don't already have some, 7g sachets are perfect. You need to add to dry ingred

    1tsp Cinnamon
    1tsp Mixed Spice
    1 cup sultanas (or just shy of depending on desire)
    1/3 cup caster sugar
    Then when you add wet ingred add and 1 egg as well.

    Mix by hand or mixer, I have a mixer with a dough hook so that's how I do it. Mix/knead as required until well combined. Lightly oil hands (I put oil on a dinner plate and laid my hands in the oil as it is sticky mixture!) and divide mix into 12 equal balls or 6/9 larger ones, whatever you prefer. I did them in a 20cm square cake tin and 12 fit perfectly. Let it proove for 1 hour in a warm spot and balls should about double. Then I mix about 1/4 cup gluten free plain flour with some sugar (the GF plain flour is just toooo plain!) and put into a piping bag or small clip seal and snip the corner and pipe crosses just before adding to oven. Bake at about 200c for around 30 mins or until nice and brown and hollow sounding when tapped with finger nails and wallah!

    My friend also makes a tart and bun glaze and paint as soon as they are out with cooled glaze, they look awesome when you do this but not entirely necesary depending on your time etc.

    Thanks for letting me read your blog :-) Sarah


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