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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

my creative space -A fingerless frenzey

I'm hooked on the fingerless gloves! Why?
1. They are easy - even easier when you choose a pattern that is more like wrist warmers than actual gloves.
2. I get really cold hands in winter.

So I did a search for them on Ravelry and before I could pick some , my son picked this one for himself.

And of course then my daughter wanted some..

And then some for her friend...

And then mine!

And even though they were straight forward patterns, I still altered them. Added some frills and flowers here and made them longer there, and used whatever yarn I had in the stash.
Thinking about it ...I think they are really fingerless mittens.
 Kootoyoo 's creative space is on holidays this week.

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  1. I love fingerless gloves! Hopefully this year I'll get some made for my girls, they wanted some so bad this last winter but I never got to it :(


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