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Sunday, 29 May 2011

An Oasis

If you have been to Manly at any time -busy,busy,busy. So The Q Station Retreat is like an oasis amongst it all. And this is where we spent our weekend. It is set in the National Park ,steeped in natural beauty, serenity and a fascinating history.

This is down at it's private warf, looking back at the Boiler House(now a restaurant) on the left and the (now ) visitor centre on the right. Up on the hill is the Old Hospital.

And this is one of the accommodation blocks in the background.
This is great place to stay to get away from it all.

And  the recipe for the easy peasy chocolate fudge from "The Good Taste Collection - Chocolate" by Anneka Manning

1 x 395g sweetened condensed milk

255g(1 1/4 cups) brown sugar

125g butter, cubed

2 tbs liquid glucose ("Queens" is available in supermarket and is corn based- which means gluten free for me))

200g good quality dark cooking choc( I choose a gluten -free chocolate e.g Cadbury), chopped

1. Brush a square 18cm pan with the butter, line with baking paper -(I don't bother with the butter part)

2. Place the condensed milk, sugar, butter, and glucose in a large heatproof microwave safe bowl. Cook, uncovered, on medium heat for approximately 8-10 mins , BUT check and whisk every 2 mins, until the mixture is thick, golden and bubbling.

3. Set aside for 1-2 mins or until bubbles subside. Add chocolate and use a wooden spoon to stir until smooth. Pour immediately into prepared pan.

4.Cool to room temperature, then set in fridge overnight. Cut into small pieces.Store in fridge

And try not to eat it all yourself! Great as a gift.

Friday, 27 May 2011

I'm grateful for...

Yes I am grateful for chocolate....however chocolate is a great way to show someone how grateful you are.

So the kids and I made some easy peasy chocolate fudge. Some will go to my neighbours, some will go to the monthly womens' lunch I attend in our small community and some will go to my sister and her family who are looking after my kids for this weekend!! (my sister doesn't actually eat chocolate, but she is getting something else -you may have seen it in an earlier post...shhh)Yes I'm very very  grateful to her. Worked out it has been over 2 years since Steve and I have  even had a night out together. So because it is our 10th anniversary we 're going to celebrate!
And Steve might even get some fudge too!
If anyone is interested in the recipe just let me know, I've run out of time and have to start my weekend away. See ya!

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

My Creative Space

When I saw this pattern on Ravelry I just had to try it straight away.

As usual I altered it slightly from the original.
 Instead of sewing seams, I mostly crocheted seams. And I made the beak ever so slightly bigger.

I will definetly be making more. It is a  great way to use up the cotton. The next one I will be using a smaller hook( maybe a 3.5 or smaller), as I wasn't happy with the gaps in the stitches (htb) through to the stuffing.

This is what I'm working on now. Another ruffle scarf, but with a different edging. Am also using that lovely homespun wool from last week. More about that soon!
And apparantly it turns out I wasn't being a woose with my finger.
Today I ventured to the doctors as I still had a numb finger tip. I have either squashed or severed a nerve, but hopefully it will mend eventually....But I did leave the doctors with my finger bandaged up to the next finger for a splint. As I wouldn't go get a Xray( a 2 hour return trip at least - no way!) I have it splinted as a suspected fracture for 2 weeks. SO I was concerned about my ability to crochet. But phew -still can, it has just slowed me down.

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Saturday, 21 May 2011

What a Hottie!

My mission was to create a cover for a hot water bottle for The Hottie Challenge.
My own requirements were as follows:
  • had to be crochet
  • no sewing involved
  • had to be a quick project
  • A simple entry point for the hot water bottle
  • Tototally functional
I did aim for a liquorice allsorts effect(not sure I achieved this).
So with no pattern in front of me I chained, I  crocheted in the round with dc and then trebled away. To make it quicker I even crocheted in loose ends as I went.

And for a simple entry I did a drawstring closure

When I completed it , I searched for my hot water bottle for functionality. It's cover was a very aged  pillow slip. This sure beats a pillow slip.
And it fitted perfectly.

Thankyou Cam for organising this. It's on it's way to the post office tomorrow. And it made me join flickr too!

Friday, 20 May 2011

I'm grateful for ....neighbours.

Playing along for the first time with Maxabella's Im grateful post.
So here goes.....

This week I got my pinky wedged in the farm gate.How I managed this is another story. But it just so happens that at the gate there is no mobile reception. One metre away there is - but I was stuck and in agony.
I had two options, stay stuck until maybe someone drove past( the postie wasn't due for another hour) and spotted me or try to pull the gate up and yank my finger out. Well I chose the later and it worked . I was fine till I saw the blood gushing from it. Immediately felt ill and feint. My dog was of no use. I thought this is your time  to shine like lassie. But she just threw her stick at me!
I had my fingerless gloves I made on and was thinking I have to stop this bleeding but I don't want to get blood on my gloves!
I made it down to our laundry for a clean rag , trying all the time not to pass out. Got inside the house for my telephone numbers, because by this stage my eyes were so blurry I couldn't read the small print on my mobile and I couldn't remember anyones numbers. SO fortunately I got hold of my neighbour and he checked out my finger( I couldn't bare to look at it myself) and reassurred me it didn't need stitches. By then I felt like a bit of a woose.
So I was very grateful my neighbour came to my rescue and grateful for all those other times too. Like the time my dog and myself needed rescuing from a scarry dog that wouldn't let us pass  when we were on our walk and the time a red warning light appeared on the car dash and it turned out to be the brake fluid  and he just happened to have some spare.
Actually we have 3 fantastic neighbours who also are always bringing fresh farm produce to us( their thumbs are much greener than ours).

Hopefully thats not been too long winded for you...?
Please pop over to Maxabella's for more grateful stories
ps. the cow belongs to my neighbour.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

My Creative Space

Yes you could say I have been having my own little beanie fest.
It started with the arrival of some new bendigo rustic yarn.


berry - now in the maudeandme shop

And of course little miss wanted one. So I struct a deal - if she wanted one to wear to school it had to be in the school colours.... but she could have a flower!

 And I also made some for the grown ups in rustic peppercorn and rustic sandstone from Bendigo. Soon to be going to the Ferry Artist Gallery

We also had a little adventure on the weekend to Laguna Markets. It was a very tiny market however it had 2 big finds. Firstly my husband found some woodfired bread  (still warm) for only $3. He and the kids devoured it on our picnic. And secondly I found  this handspun wool undyed. It was only $10 for 160g, which I thought was great. Am still thinking what to create with it. Another beanie, or maybe a cushion..... What do you think?

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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Hottie Challenge

I'm waiting by the letterbox for my Hottie Challenge (wrote Hootie first time!)to arrive. The fantastic Cam from CurlyPops has put out the challenge to crafters and all to take part in this great creative challenge for the Margaret Pratt Foundation Heart Lung Transplant Trust.

What a fun and creative way to raise funds and awareness!

Friday, 13 May 2011

My Creative Space

Two more cushions got made this week for the daybed.

Have been drawn to the bird symbol for some time now.
The cushion on the left was made up of left-over scraps and turned into a crazy patchwork.

I made these granny squares last year for a blanket. They are in Jo Sharp Cotton. Well I changed my design midway through it and so was left with these. Inspired by The Royal Sisters and Tangled Happy crocheted granny apron skirts, I am using these squares for a wrap skirt. At the moment they are still on my dining room table...have to do something about those threads. I really should do that as I go I know!

And I made another ruffle scarf in Noro yarn.

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Sunday, 8 May 2011

growth rings

What happens when your little girl grows too quickly!
Well her pants seem to shrink.
These pants were bought last year.

In the past I have added some lace and frills to the hem line. But this is a knitted fabric so I wasn't sure what to add. Then it hit me - I 've got some cotton that would be perfect crocheted around it.

So I figure each year I'll just add another  colour with a round or two, or three...And then it will be a bit like  tree growth - I can count the rings for her age!

Made another ruffle scarf in a cashmire blend and am now working on a ruffle in noro.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

my creative space

I love making these scarves/wraps. The length and width tends to
vary each time, depending on the need or how much yarn I have left.

This one was a special order made with my graphite bendigo wool . So I am hoping it is liked as much as I like it.


Don't you just like trying something new.
This has been on my to try list for sometime now.
So yesterday was the day!

And don't you just love it when it works!
I found the ruffle pattern at Lion Brand Yarn as a free pattern.
I used earth bendigo wool and added an extra row.

Go to www.kootoyoo.com for more super creations.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Being 9

My eldest turned 9 on Sunday and the requested dessert was the pav. I must say the pav aint my favourite , hence  this was the third time only I've made it. But hey, look at this.

Not bad!

 And then I continued on my fingerless frenzy.

Some for the little wee ones.

And some for us bigger ones. The bendigo wool proving really popular that I have already sold out in the dark grey. Fantastic.

And I always love the Noro silk garden

My kids started Hip Hop classes today and my wise old 9 year old proclaimed when he got off the school bus "I'm too tired for dance. I'm like Dr who - I look young, but really I am old!"
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