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Friday, 20 May 2011

I'm grateful for ....neighbours.

Playing along for the first time with Maxabella's Im grateful post.
So here goes.....

This week I got my pinky wedged in the farm gate.How I managed this is another story. But it just so happens that at the gate there is no mobile reception. One metre away there is - but I was stuck and in agony.
I had two options, stay stuck until maybe someone drove past( the postie wasn't due for another hour) and spotted me or try to pull the gate up and yank my finger out. Well I chose the later and it worked . I was fine till I saw the blood gushing from it. Immediately felt ill and feint. My dog was of no use. I thought this is your time  to shine like lassie. But she just threw her stick at me!
I had my fingerless gloves I made on and was thinking I have to stop this bleeding but I don't want to get blood on my gloves!
I made it down to our laundry for a clean rag , trying all the time not to pass out. Got inside the house for my telephone numbers, because by this stage my eyes were so blurry I couldn't read the small print on my mobile and I couldn't remember anyones numbers. SO fortunately I got hold of my neighbour and he checked out my finger( I couldn't bare to look at it myself) and reassurred me it didn't need stitches. By then I felt like a bit of a woose.
So I was very grateful my neighbour came to my rescue and grateful for all those other times too. Like the time my dog and myself needed rescuing from a scarry dog that wouldn't let us pass  when we were on our walk and the time a red warning light appeared on the car dash and it turned out to be the brake fluid  and he just happened to have some spare.
Actually we have 3 fantastic neighbours who also are always bringing fresh farm produce to us( their thumbs are much greener than ours).

Hopefully thats not been too long winded for you...?
Please pop over to Maxabella's for more grateful stories
ps. the cow belongs to my neighbour.


  1. Neighbours are ace, 'tis true... Well, I suppose some (or many) aren't! Ouch to your finger and I'm so sorry but I giggled at your dog throwing the stick at you. What better time for a game of fetch, what was wrong with you!? Love dogs.

  2. Lucky for that, how awful. I love my neighbours too, in lieu of family around us they are the next best thing.

  3. Sounds like you have some wonderful folks living near you. I'm ashamed to admit I don't even know my neighbors names. I grew up in a small community where everyone knew everyone and looked out for each other. Wonder when things changed? Lucky you for finding some gems! And hope the finger feels better soon!

  4. Argh! Thank god you didn't have to have an Aron Ralston moment there! Painful, regardless. What kind neighbours you are lucky to have, Trudi. And they have very nice cows too. x


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