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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

My Creative Space

Was so inspired by Jill's beautiful cowl from last week's linky creative space.
And she kindly shared the pattern with us. Have wanted to try a cowl and just couldn't quite find a pattern that spoke to me.

This one did. Since I was using quite a chunky 8 ply ( rustic"wineberry" from Bendigo woollen mills) with 6mm hook I did reduce the beginning chains to 28 which gave 5 diamonds.

Didn't put buttons on this one, as I wanted  some versatility in ways to wear it, so I have been trying out a few of my pins on it. Pink is not really my colour though (it was what I had though) , so not sure what I am going to do with it...

But then I got the cowl bug and made this cowl using the V stitch. Again this is rustic "peppercorn" from bendigo woolen mills. I used about 50g. This time I added some wooden buttons that I had pulled off a vest. And I am hooked on cowls now - so warming.

 I did have a splurge last week and bought myself a tea towel from Nic at Yardage Design. I had another place in mind in the kitchen, but it proved too big for that area. But am more than happy with it here and Steve did a super job of making a frame for it and then he even stretched it for me.
Still want to find something for the original empty space...

And then ....another thing on my ever growing "to try" list was a sunnies case.
So picked a trio of bright colours in 5ply ( but really feels like 8ply) cotton and 3.5 hook, and htr'd away. Made the pattern up as I went along.
What do you think?

AND THEN I made a bag with leftover skirt fabric. But more about that another time.

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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Treasures in Wisemans Ferry

It was a treasure trove of art for sale at ART IN THE PARK at Wisemans Ferry today.
The sun was shining, the music was playing and there was such an abundance of fine art up for sale  - some at giveaway prices.

Artist - Paul Turner

Artist - Jacki Dessaix

Photogragher - Karlene Brummer
 Eventhough I was on the admin desk , I couldn't resist these finds. Can you believe I only spent a total of $25.50!

Artist Paul Turner

Artist - Paul Turner

Paul had so many works to choose from - I had a hard time stopping at two.

Artist - Marje Curson

I fell in love with this immediately. Thankyou Marje.

 For more thrifty finds I'm playing along for the first time with Sophie at Her library adventures.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Grateful for the sun

The sun came out yesterday and doesn't it make a difference. I got to go for a walk, jessie ( our dog )got to go for a walk and the kids got to go outside - yeh!
This is our "yard" and in the background is our neighbour's property showing how much rain we have had.
Do you find your mood changes with the weather?

 And very grateful  - the kids and Steve's results for whooping cough just came in

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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My Creative Space

I've been operating in slow gear here, not my usual self.
I have managed to finish my granny square skirt , inspired by the creative Sara from Tangled Happy and Michelle from The Royal Sisters. The stages can be seen here and here.

I joined the squares with dc, and the waistband is made of rows of hdc, the hem has hdc rows too followed by a simple sc, chain 3, skip one, sc, chain 3 ...pattern.

Sorry couldn't seem to rotate the photo.
Left side is actually the bottom.

This is another skirt I made. Probably shouldn't as my mind was not on the job. Don't know how many times I looked at the pattern before I cut and still managed to stuff it up. Fortunately I think I managed to overcome it.
It's the same pattern as an earlier wrap skirt I made. Still think I might need to tweak the back waistline.

And to top it all off we are now waiting for results for whooping cough for 2 out of my 3 kids. And my third is now sick and my husband too.I'm hoping it's very much not, but it's chronic in our area, even for kids like mine who have been vaccinated.... :(

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Monday, 13 June 2011

Sad times

It's been a sad time here. My nana passed away last monday.
This photo was taken 3 years ago at the age of 94.
She was a very  strong woman, living in her home in Brisbane up until this last month. The recent floods couldn't even budge her from her home.
She was a keen crocheter and knitter, and even though legally blind she was crocheting by touch for a long time. When she could no longer she still supported all her fellow crafters and regularly bought their lovely creations for her grandchildren and great grandchildren and great great grandchild. My kitchen is full of hand crocheted hand towels - something I am going to have to try myself as I just love them in the kitchen.

The past week has also seen 2 tragedies in our local area. A much loved ferryman was killed in an accident last week and there is still a search for 2 missing men lost in the river on Sunday. Am thinking about there families right now.

It is coming up to a year since my dad passed away too, and I am missing him....

Sunday, 5 June 2011

A bit of this, a bit of that.

The weekend was a great mix of this and that.
 Dropped off another coffee table to the gallery.
 This one is made of Queensland Maple and is true to Steve's rustic style. We also picked up a huge burl from a very kind local. 

And because we have had lots of rain recently , it was perfect conditions for some mud creations.
I won some washing powder recently , and I think I am going to need it. Still have Harley's soccer uniform soaking from Saturdays match. Speaking of which - how proud am I of I our guys. First half was really tight -anyone's match -and our team had to put up with some really rough play from the opposition. But when our team broke away in the second half ,the opposition started bickering amongst themselves and making their own team mates cry. Our team goes out and has fun  every week and there are plenty of laughs on the field ( at their own mistakes too).

 And got a craving for some spicey pumpkin and lentil soup .
Basically sauted some onion and garlic in oil, added some cumin, curry powder and garam masala. Then poured in some vegie stock, a cup of brown lentils and popped in a bay leaf. Then after 20 minutes in went the pumpkin and some chopped tomato and cooked this until the lentils were cooked. I pureed and then added some coconut milk. Really tastey and warming!

And there was some crafting going on too! Finally finished my cushion, one side I crocheted with hand spun wool and the other side is fabric. And because I didn't have enough for 2 sides of crocheting and because I will always choose to crochet before sewing I came up against a hurdle. I wanted to crochet the fabric to the crochet. Problem one:Piercing holes into the fabric ready for the wool and hook to go threw. Problem two: A hook small enough to get threw the hole but big enough to grab the really chunky wool. So this is what delayed me. I ended up using a nail and then still had to cut it with scissors.

So hear it is and I didn't injure any more fingers!
P.s used the same pattern I used for the birdie.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

MyCreative Space

Tuesday I cleaned the house, even cleaned the verandah, I sorted out my children's old school work from last year, I did 3 loads of washing, and I even made marmalade. All before midday.
So I couldn't avoid any longer what I'd been avoiding all morning.

So I began crocheting all 120 squares together. And now its done. YAY!. I can start on the fun part now and am in the home stretch for my skirt. And we can use our dining room table again. Not that it's used for dinners, more that I use it for folding clothes on!
So stay tuned, I think it will be finished soon.


And I just have to share with you this fantastically easy marmalade recipe. I googled "easy marmalade recipes" and came up with this from food.com

It is so unbelievabley easy. This was my first attempt.I made half quantity as this was what I had available in the pantry.



Prep Time: 10 mins
Total Time: 30 mins
1.        1 Take the 6 citrus fruits and wash well, removing any blemishes.
2.        2 Cut into quarters, and place in a food processor.
3.        3 Chop until finely ground, skin and all.
4.        4 For an optional extra add some crystallized ginger. ( i didn't add this)
5.        5 Boil with the 1 kilo of sugar, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon, for 20 minutes.
6.        6 It splatters, so be careful.
7.        7 This quantity fills about 5 x 340 gram jars ( I sterelised jars).
8.        8 Do not double the ingredients, rather make two batches.

Have you been avoiding something in you sewing /craft basket?

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