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Sunday, 5 June 2011

A bit of this, a bit of that.

The weekend was a great mix of this and that.
 Dropped off another coffee table to the gallery.
 This one is made of Queensland Maple and is true to Steve's rustic style. We also picked up a huge burl from a very kind local. 

And because we have had lots of rain recently , it was perfect conditions for some mud creations.
I won some washing powder recently , and I think I am going to need it. Still have Harley's soccer uniform soaking from Saturdays match. Speaking of which - how proud am I of I our guys. First half was really tight -anyone's match -and our team had to put up with some really rough play from the opposition. But when our team broke away in the second half ,the opposition started bickering amongst themselves and making their own team mates cry. Our team goes out and has fun  every week and there are plenty of laughs on the field ( at their own mistakes too).

 And got a craving for some spicey pumpkin and lentil soup .
Basically sauted some onion and garlic in oil, added some cumin, curry powder and garam masala. Then poured in some vegie stock, a cup of brown lentils and popped in a bay leaf. Then after 20 minutes in went the pumpkin and some chopped tomato and cooked this until the lentils were cooked. I pureed and then added some coconut milk. Really tastey and warming!

And there was some crafting going on too! Finally finished my cushion, one side I crocheted with hand spun wool and the other side is fabric. And because I didn't have enough for 2 sides of crocheting and because I will always choose to crochet before sewing I came up against a hurdle. I wanted to crochet the fabric to the crochet. Problem one:Piercing holes into the fabric ready for the wool and hook to go threw. Problem two: A hook small enough to get threw the hole but big enough to grab the really chunky wool. So this is what delayed me. I ended up using a nail and then still had to cut it with scissors.

So hear it is and I didn't injure any more fingers!
P.s used the same pattern I used for the birdie.

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