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Friday, 17 June 2011

Grateful for the sun

The sun came out yesterday and doesn't it make a difference. I got to go for a walk, jessie ( our dog )got to go for a walk and the kids got to go outside - yeh!
This is our "yard" and in the background is our neighbour's property showing how much rain we have had.
Do you find your mood changes with the weather?

 And very grateful  - the kids and Steve's results for whooping cough just came in

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  1. Loving the sunshine!
    Whooping cough is something you can be VERY glad your family have avoided. My youngest got it at 4 weeks of age - it was scarey watching him turn blue again and again and again. Love the view of your back yard.

  2. yeh

    you have a beautiful spot. we are thinking of returning to the coast.

    enjoy those precious rays of sunshine


  3. I so need the sun, blue skies. When it is grey and cold I feel dreary. But at least winter gives us down time to take it easy.

  4. when the sun comes out after some time of hiding, its a lovely feeling.

  5. What a stunning backyard you have! The winter sun is indeed a beautiful thing.

  6. That is so beautiful! I am a complete sun chaser - winter is just not for me! In saying that, the change in seasons is lovely in itself! Cheers, Marianne

  7. Amazing - at 1st glance I thought you must live right on the river. Our garden has been a quagmire too. Glad to hear it's not the whooping cough, hope they're feeling better.

  8. Doesn't it, though? I like a bit of rain, but day after day after day... life is just not as good! x


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