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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My Creative Space

I've been operating in slow gear here, not my usual self.
I have managed to finish my granny square skirt , inspired by the creative Sara from Tangled Happy and Michelle from The Royal Sisters. The stages can be seen here and here.

I joined the squares with dc, and the waistband is made of rows of hdc, the hem has hdc rows too followed by a simple sc, chain 3, skip one, sc, chain 3 ...pattern.

Sorry couldn't seem to rotate the photo.
Left side is actually the bottom.

This is another skirt I made. Probably shouldn't as my mind was not on the job. Don't know how many times I looked at the pattern before I cut and still managed to stuff it up. Fortunately I think I managed to overcome it.
It's the same pattern as an earlier wrap skirt I made. Still think I might need to tweak the back waistline.

And to top it all off we are now waiting for results for whooping cough for 2 out of my 3 kids. And my third is now sick and my husband too.I'm hoping it's very much not, but it's chronic in our area, even for kids like mine who have been vaccinated.... :(

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  1. Your crochet wrap skirt is wonderful! I need to learn to crochet asap!!!

  2. Very clever skirt. I have not been brave enough yet to try a granny square project.

    Yeh whooping cough is rife here too. My son had it at 12months. Dreadful. I can really sympathise.

    Hope all the tests are clear

  3. love the crochet skirt, great work

  4. I love your crochet skirt! Good job!

  5. Beautiful skirts Trudi. I love the material you used for the wrap - looks great with the rest of your outfit too. Hope it's not whooping cough - definitely a dirty word around here because of Imogen's immunosuppressants - so frustrating that it's worked it's way back into being such a common illness.

  6. Lovely skirts - but poor all you with the illness! Hope you all recover swiftly!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  7. I think both look great -- at least from this angle! :) Sending well wishes to you and yours. Take care! Tammy

  8. I'm so sorry and sad to hear about all the sadness in your life at the moment. Your Grandmother sounded like an increadible woman.
    And, I LOVE both of your skirts. LOVE!!
    I hope the results are negative for the cough, disgusting thing.

  9. You are a very talenetd crochet lady Trudi!And I like your skirts too :)
    I hope things will get better on the health side...take care xo


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