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Monday, 13 June 2011

Sad times

It's been a sad time here. My nana passed away last monday.
This photo was taken 3 years ago at the age of 94.
She was a very  strong woman, living in her home in Brisbane up until this last month. The recent floods couldn't even budge her from her home.
She was a keen crocheter and knitter, and even though legally blind she was crocheting by touch for a long time. When she could no longer she still supported all her fellow crafters and regularly bought their lovely creations for her grandchildren and great grandchildren and great great grandchild. My kitchen is full of hand crocheted hand towels - something I am going to have to try myself as I just love them in the kitchen.

The past week has also seen 2 tragedies in our local area. A much loved ferryman was killed in an accident last week and there is still a search for 2 missing men lost in the river on Sunday. Am thinking about there families right now.

It is coming up to a year since my dad passed away too, and I am missing him....


  1. I'm so sorry about your nana :( I'm sorry you're having such a sad time right now *hugs*

  2. Sorry to hear about your nana Trudi, she sounds like a wondeful lady. My nana was one of my favourite people in the world, she died 13 years ago and yet I remember everything about her so vividly. We've also lost a couple of local people in the last week (both from cancer), it's been a sad time.

  3. Oh you are going through so much sad time, I understand now how you knew Brisbane.Nana are always wonderful ladies and remain wonderful in our hearts for ever, I also miss mine.But I am sure they would love to see us happy even without them...


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