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Sunday, 3 July 2011


I've got to say June was a tough month.
 I 've mentioned in an earlier post that our community had lost 3 people in tragic circumstances. I also mentioned that on the 27th it was the first anniversary of my dad's passing.
I've also mentioned my kids and my husband have been ill, and were tested for whooping cough. Initial results came back negative BUT then a second test result came in positive for my husband. This then through my kids results into question and to be safe we all went into self imposed quarantine( and it was no Q station treatment this time). So my kids were at home for 2 weeks in all . But it was not just my kids and family that have been unwell. June has seen many families in our area suffering all wonderful winter bugs, with whooping cough being chronic. Their school has seen many empty seats in the classroom., and  the healthy have been in the minority.

So the community was already carrying a heavy heart, we didn't think it could get worse. But it did.
 On the 23rd June we tragically and suddenly lost a friend, Matt - a sculptor, musician , a very loving husband and father. Whilst our community has been shattered, it is that community that provides the support and strength and comfort that we all need.

So while I know life goes on, there is still that deep feeling of sadness.
 My heart goes out to all the families who lost their loved one.
life is precious


  1. Life most certainly is precious.
    It's so scary that there seems to be an epidemic of whooping couch at the moment. I hope the whole family has recovered.

  2. Ouch, you have had an awful time Trudi. So sorry to hear about your friend Matt. I noticed you'd been quiet.
    Imogen's been sick here too with the sore throat, coughing thing, as are some of her friends. I hate this time of the year, we should just migrate to North Queensland for 6 months I think. Do the grey nomad thing.


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