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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My creative space

Eventhough things have gone askew of late I've still managed to do some crafting. To be truthful it's what keeps me sane sometimes.
So as I didn't quite get to last week's creative space, there is a bit of a back log. So bare with me!
In no particular order.
1. I wanted to gift some flowers to some friends and I thought some brooches might be the go.

2. And a black hat pin for moi that I use to pin my wraps and scarves.

3. Some hair clips for market stock. I haven't added any buttons to them. I am always a bit concerned about selling my clips with buttons to children I don't know. My kids were putting foreign things into their mouth well up to 4 years of age.

4. Some stylish grown up hair clips with vintage buttons, from a button stash I inherited. I'm going to add these to my little shop

5. And several posts ago I posted I wanted to create a coffee cosie.
Well it didn't quite go so well!

6. So it  has taken me this long to think about it again.
 My crochet confidence has increased since the last attempt and this was done following no pattern.
I still need to embellish it, but haven't worked out with what yet....any ideas...? It just can't be too weighty as too pull it down and I'm a bit over flowers.

7. And I just love new inspirations. Saturday I went to a friend's for drinks. I was greeted by the hostess wearing a devine orange crocheted necklace. Well of course she had to take it off so I could have a closer inspection. It was almost 3 meters at a guess. This is my attempt to recreate something similar.

8. And then I got the necklace bug!

9.Nearly finished an orange necklace and have plans to create one in the noro yarn.

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  1. Those crocheted necklaces are beautiful! I like the first one especially!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Love the necklace too! And seeing all those bright kids clips - yummy rainbow colours

  3. I love the crochet necklaces! Wish I could say I was that productive in only two weeks:) Cyndy

  4. Beautiful necklaces. And your hairclips are so cute. With the coffee warmer, I saw some crocheted beanies recently that had been decorated just with little filled in circles, but in different colours that contrasted really well with the base colour... it looked great.

  5. Great projects - especially love all the flowers :-)

  6. Dear Trudi

    They are wonderful. I am making some necklaces too. Do you have a good link for the pattern for your flowers.

    Hope you and your family are well.


  7. Beautiful necklaces, they look wonderful.

  8. Love the necklaces aswell, especially the first... almost looks coral like :)

  9. I love those flowers, they are lovely!

  10. Everything looks nice and warm at your space!You must be super fast at turning those hooks :)I love that last necklace it looks very tactile :)
    Sandrine xx

  11. I am totally loving all those leafy and flowery crocheted scarves and necklaces at the moment. I am so glad you are considerate of the safety of little people with buttons and stuff too, though possibly clips could go in mouths as well.

  12. Everything you've created looks amazing!!! I love the flower hair clips and the coffee cozy is awesome... Maybe some stitching up the side of a vine or something might be a good way to embelish it...

    Hugs - Jodie :)

  13. i LOVE the hair clips, they're gorgeous!

  14. Look at all those colours - you have been busy:)


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