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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My creative space

Do I have a problem?

Being school holidays still in nsw I took my 3 kids plus 2 to see Kung Fu Panda 2.
Now some kids movies are fine with hidden adult humour. But I really would rather be doing other things than sitting through a kid's movie.
So when I contemplated taking in a book light was that really wrong?
But I wasn't going to take it in for a book , I actually thought I might be able to do some crocheting!
Does this mean my crochet hobby has turned into an addiction = problem??
But but but I didn't.

But I did find some other time to do some hooking. Yay!

It seems that someone else was hooked on necklaces in last weeks creative space. This lead me to create the circles necklaces.The photos show it being worn in different configurations.
Thanks Megan !

And thanks to another blogger Jo for her inspirational "boring dress"  I went on a mission to create  a similar dress. Only one problem - the pattern ( simplicity 3835 ) Jo used is out of print. So after an unsuccessful search I found this pattern which is pretty close.

And  ta da.
 Well now I see it like this it reminds of a robin hood outfit I made for my son last year!
Just need my bow and arrow.
 I did have to alter the pattern. It looked like a sack first up. So I took it in around the bust and made the belt. Jo's dress tapered out at the base and  definetely had a bit more style. I 'll try to do that next time.

The belt is treble crocheted using Zpagetti yarn from here and a chunky brown button from my stash.
The yarn was just perfect for  this project which required a bit of weight. And using a treble means the button can go anywhere along it. Truth be told I was more happy with how the belt turned out!

Currently hooking some granny squares for an exciting new project.
Hey but also need some HELP with a "to try" item (see side bar). Does anyone have a pattern for a kitchen towel crochet topper ?- you know so it can hang from a handle.

Thats about it . But make sure you head over to our creative space for more inspiration.


  1. Ooh that belt is such a good idea! I can never find one I like, next time I'll have to just make one!
    Loving the dress too, perfect winter staple with leggings or tights underneath and a cardi over top!

  2. Love the dress, it looks cute! The belt is a fab idea too! Love it.

    No idea on a pattern for the tea towel crochet topper. Sorry

  3. Hi Trudi! Your dress looks great, and I love it as a tunic (not Robin Hood-ish at all!). 3835 is really just a peasant style dress so I think you found a good solution, and you could flare the bottom a bit if you wanted but I like it as is. I'm so glad you found a bit of inspiration from me & thanks for your kind words. Jo x

  4. Cute belt!
    I couldn't sit through Kung Fu Panda either.

  5. My hubby tends to do the movie duty at our place :)lol
    I like your tunic the belt finishes it perfectly!
    Sorry I am no help at the tea towel thing, hope someone can save our day :)
    Take care
    Sandrine xx

  6. Love your necklaces- and your cool 'robin hood' dress! :)

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  7. Lovely lovely adornments - can't say I blame you re wanting to do something whist enduring the movie ... I remember taking 2 12 year olds to see Savage Garden back in the day and contemplating the exact same thing! Can't help re the tea towel topper - have only ever done that with fabric - maybe a CWA pattern book?

  8. My 12 year old said that Kung Fu Panda II was great! I don't do movie duty. Both my boys go with their friends now and hubby took them when they were younger. I would never have thought to crochet a belt. Looks great with the tunic. Seems like you are keeping busy with hook in hand. Love the necklaces. Best wishes, Tammy

  9. Cute dress...I love it.
    xo Jana

  10. Hi there, I have just discovered your blog via i-crochet and am having a lovely time reading through all your posts! Thank you for the fab lacy cowl pattern - I will definitely add that to my list of things to make. Love your dress too. I have made about 5 from that pattern and agree, it needs lots of tweaking doesn't it! My latest one I added length to the sleeve, down to the elbow and it's fab! Have a lovely weekend.


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