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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

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Loved making my granny bag, and this one is a keeper.
And I was very good in that I crocheted most of my loose ends in as I went! I even tried  a new joining method, which is so much easier and quicker  I used a method similar to this , but used a dc stitch and hooked through whole loop. This I think is what gave me the desired ridge effect.

If you haven't been following the progress, the square pattern is from crochet with raymond .
This is how it is set out before it gets joined and folded. A gets joined together , as does B to B and C to C, and D is where it folds. I had these handle, made from recycled plastic, that I had bought from zpagetti .

This is my current project.
Thought I'd have it finished by now, but with sick kids it just hasn't happenned.
This is using Noro silk garden. Will post it in a few days....

And now for my design dilema...

For some time now I've wanted to create a Scottish themed cushion for my daybed, in a kind of honour to my dad. I really wanted to purchase a chunky chooky cushion but alas my funds can't even stretch to Cath's very reasonable prices at the moment( still on my wishlist though).
And then the light shone and after a  call to mum, I now have 4 linen tea-towels . I dyed them in coffee. This overcame the aged spot marks and also tied them all together and goes very well with my colours.
But what to do now? I don't want them looking like a pillow case. Initially number 2 and 3 were my favourite, but the highland cows are staring me down( which is odd because you can't even see their eyes). And number 2 has the words to Amazing Grace with the bagpiper. It's all quite sentimental to me , so I don't want to rush into it ......
Any ideas?

Lots of creative people over here . Check it out!


  1. Love the granny bag - totally a keeper! Hope the kids feel better soon. Nice teatowels - are they big enough to make into bolster-shaped cushions perhaps, if you add a complimenting plain fabric circle to each end?

  2. Great bag! And that's a fantastic idea to use those t-towels for a cushion - sorry I don't have any inspiration as to how just now! Look forward to seeing what you come up with!

    Oh and I was also wondering if I could do and 'interview' with you for my Wednesday feature post? I feature and Australasian crafter each week in a Worldwide creative hop. It would give you and your shop a bit of international exposure! If you're interested then please let me know - I'd love to feature you!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. That grannjy bag is adorable! Great job!

  4. The bag looks awesome! For the cushions, you could add a different material for the back & also add sides, so they are deep pillows with piping along the edges... oh, that sounds hard, well hard for me anyway!

  5. I love your bag! Good luck with your cushions!

  6. Great work on the granny bag. I just figured out the granny square ... sometimes it takes me a few tries before I get what I am supposed to be doing. :/ Looks like you are making a lovely scarf too. Good luck with the cushions. Not sure about those since I don't sew. Have a great day. Tammy

  7. Gorgeous crochet bag - I love the colours too :) Really enjoyed reading your post, particularly the Scottish connection - I think you will do something great with the tea towels. The day-bed is just brilliant!
    Alison :)

  8. Love your bag, I think it is beautiful! :)

  9. The bag looks great, nice colours. Your new project looks interesting and I completely understand the whole sick kid thing.

    Cushions, hmm, I'd be keen on a great big floor cushion, however obviously not for the lovely day bed. The idea from Ady about bolsters sounds good, but you may not get the full appreciation of the tea towels. We'll just have to see what you come up with.

    P.S. Gorilla knitting - decorating public areas with lovely knitted items, similar to graffiti, but a lot nicer. I have seen a branch of a tree knitted with a sleeve and a telephone pole. It's so random and unexpected it can only make you smile and it's easily removable.

  10. Totally love the granny bag! I also love the idea of the Scottish cushions (I come from Scotland, so big thumbs up from me) as to how you can make them, would you consider cutting them into smaller squares and then mixing and matching the different squares (like patchwork) and then they would also all match with each other?!

  11. Love a teatowel of course!
    How about adding fabric at each end (so that the length of the tea towel is a little more than double the width) and then making a square shaped envelope style cushion cover?

  12. your bag looks great! if I ever get around to one, I definitely want to make it in black!

  13. love you granny bag and i am a huge fan of join as you go and plan to use it with my next granny project. the day bed cushions sound like a lovely reminder of your dad. i agree with cam, make a feature of the special parts of the teatowel and use fabric borders to create the size and shape that you want.

  14. Great job on the granny bag, must have been a granny week this week...but I am far behind on mine :)For the tea towel, how about using the interesting parts as applique maybe for your cushions?Have fun anyway!xx

  15. That is one fabulous granny square bag! Thanks for your nice comment today at Tangled Happy. Wow! You have 2 wheels. I can understand you frustration. I had a few minor repairs done and got mine back today. But it still isn't working quite right. But I will keep working on it and practicing with my drop spindle. I dream of making lots more hand spun yumminess. :)

  16. Oh the granny bag is gorgeous. I love it. No ideas for the cushions, but I love the Highland cattle.


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