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Friday, 15 July 2011

smiles all round.

Today I'm playing along with Maxabellaloves weekly gratefullness.
And this week I am just plain gratefull for 3 great reports from the dentist for my kids.

And really grateful also that it was freebie from the government health dep. too.


  1. We are just back from the dentist ourselves and I feel exactly the same way! Three for three good reports and brushing well.

    Only it cost me $310 so waaaaaaah!!! x

  2. wow i didn't know australia charges for children's dentistry - i avoid it now as it's so expensive now .. lucky for you both to have no fillings for the kids! x

  3. You must be teaching them the right things too! Congratulations!

  4. Hi Trudy, I found your blog via flickr. I love the crochet items you make ! I am going to follow your blog, it is very inspirational and you write with a lot of humor. Greetings from across the globe : Belgium... Rozemie

  5. That realy is something to celebrate :)

    (popped over from Maxabella)


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