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Sunday, 10 July 2011

treasures - old and new

Have been meaning for some time to pop a photo of this vintage find.
Just love the colours - my favourites at the moment!

 It was found at my local - Wisemans Ferry Vintage and Collectables. Details in the sidebar.
 I can't rave enough about the shop - lovely finds and at unbelievably good prices. AND there are so many beautiful clothing pieces that my wardrobe is at risk of exploding. Shall have to take some pics of these..

And my new treasures. Can you guess what they are, apart from the obvious?
A friend sent them to me  - aren't I lucky!

And I thought I'd share with you a bit of home renovating/recycling.
We inherited an ice cream container full of souvenier spoons and soon after we needed some kitchen handles. So voila!
Saved us heaps and looked really good with our rustic reno.

Oh and those babuska dolls are kitchen measuring cups.

For more vintage finds pop over to Her Library Adventures


  1. Love the spoons! What a great idea!!!!

  2. Wow, nice work! And that is a beautiful pop of colour on the flour sifter.

  3. Oooh nice!Clever spoon idea! I have those little babushka cups aren't they sweet!
    PS: I have finally published the recipe today :) shhhhh :)Enjoy.
    Have a great week!
    Sandrine x

  4. Those spoons! What a fantastic idea!!


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