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Welcome to my crafty world! I am proud mum to three gorgeous kids, a wife to a supportive husband, and a self confessed craft addict. I am continually inspired to create and would love to share this journey with you. My current obsession is crochet and spinning. I can be contacted at maudeandme@bigpond.com

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

my creative space

Happy spring everyone!!
Well I couldn't wait to start on my bunting swap,
eventhough I don't know my swap partner yet ( I'm just hoping whoever they may be they are going to like what I have made). Here's a sneak preview.

As promised here are some pics of Virginia Farm Wool  where I am learning to spin.

 It's just like a candy store!

 Some lush silk and mohair and other fibres.

 And loads of dyes.

And Ta Da - my first skein from the lesson. Does it look soft? Because it is so soft -I love it.
I'm thinking now what colour to dye it....

My husband said the inconsistency  is what gives it  its charm.
This was a compliment about my craft -nearly went into shock!

And it is confirmed - I definetley have the spinning virus. Spinning all those wonderful pinks.

Our creative space has all the usual creative wonderfulness. It's a must see.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sunday snippets

 Down the road.

 Resurrecting my vegie garden.

 Our neighbours.

 Our chook house.

Thankyou chooks!
Playing along with tinniegirl today

Thursday, 25 August 2011

my lastest obsession.........

...............and frustration.
Well I went to my first spinning lesson at Virginia Wool Farm.  It was also a lesson in patience and persistence. I was there for 3 hours and I don't think I actually got it until the last hour. The first 2 I was thinking why am I doing this to myself. But I was surrounded by lovely supportive women all at different levels of spinning. They were very encouraging and assured me that was how they began. They had lots of helpful tips. Like keeping my left foot at the corner of the peddle to stop the wheel going in reverse when I was to irregular in my peddling( I peddle with my right foot).Also to look at my hands as opposed to where the wool is going. And Jenny our teacher had loads of patience and knowledge to teach.I'll be learning how to prepare the raw wool ready for spinning, how to spin other fibres and maybe evening dyeing.
On my first day the task was to spin 2 spools of slivers. I managed 1 and this is the photo of spinning my second spool at home. Each spool tells a story of my progress. The chunky bits reveal my struggle with joins , when I spun too thin and it broke. Lots of chunky bits! There will be patches of knots when my finger slipped and I lost the control of the spin.

 Next week I learn how to ply these 2 spools together.So I'm guessing this first batch will be "fancy" yarn! And I will remember to take my camera next week to take some pics of the shop. It was like a candy store!

Before I discovered Virginia Farm I ordered some slivers from Petlins. They arrived!

My fingers are itching to spin these.

Moving completely away from spinning. I'm taking part in my first swap. I'm really really excited.
Rachelle from Squiggly Rainbow is hosting a bunting swap. For details check her blog out. But basically you choose how many bunting pieces you want to make . I chose 5 and so I will receive 5 in return.

Have a great Friday everyone

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My Creative Space

These booties were a special order. Hadn't made them since way back when I started this blog.

And as usual I couldn't stop at one (that should be my next blog title).

I'm having  an end of winter SALE in my maudeandme shop for bloggers. Just put the code blogsale for a 15% sale. Sale is on till Sunday evening.

This is just a quickie, but I'll post soon on a spinning update.
Head over to our creative space for loads more creative inspiration and goodness.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

my creative space

I set out to make a brooch. But as you can see these are not brooches.
I went off on another tangent and have been playing around with a few of my own ideas.
Lots of circles and links and cottons.

This one evolved out of a want to use a colour combination away from my usual choices. It was a deliberate choice to move out of my comfort zone. And basically  I finished with strands of chains because I was getting tired of the circles! I think it works?

Currently playing with bracelets and working out a fastening mechanism.

   Loved creating this granny mandala. It has been claimed by my daughter.Just need to back so that it can hang on her wall.

And my new addiction. After some really helpful advice from Rie i spun wool!
W hoo!
Bloggy community has been really helpful actually. Sara has been focusing on spinning too.
But now I realise I can't do my usual "muddle my way through a project".
I need professional help.
There are too many mistakes and too many questions I have .

And I'm just not that good at it. My spinning at the moment I call "freeform". My way of saying it lacks consistency. Over spun and underspun. But hey I can only improve.
And after searching and alot of dead ends I managed to find a place where I can learn to spin and buy fleece from. So next week I am off to spinning school. I am a bit nervous about it as I get really self conscious when I am not confident. But it is another case of getting out of my comfort zone.
Send positive thoughts my way for a sunny day sunday. We are doing a local school fete and the forecast isn't great!
Hope its happy creative days with you. Check out more creations here.
Apologies - when ever I go to edit my mistakes the surrounding letters are disappearing. So I gave up.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

lucky I tell you!

This just confirms my last post

A vegie casserole

Gluten free bread. Looks better than it tastes!
And some apple crumble (almond and rice flour crumble mix) my son and I made 
 - ready to go in the oven.

For more sunday snippets pop in and see tinniegirl

Thursday, 11 August 2011


....I have food and shelter for my children and this crisis breaks my heart.

These images may upset you, but imagine how upsetting it must be to live their life.
It bares no comparison.

A deadly combination of drought, on-going conflict and escalating food prices has placed over 11 million people in need of life-saving aid in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. Over two million children are malnourished. Please help UNICEF Australia by making a donation online (www.unicef.org.au/eastafrica)

I know there are so many worthy charites out there all deserved of more funds. My way of thinking is if you can spare even $2 that makes a difference on mass. Google "east africa appeal" and there are numerous organisations raising funds for the east africa crisis. I chose unicef.

As I write this post I realise I am also writing my grateful post. I am so grateful because I feel so lucky that my children are well nourished and have access to great medical care.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My creative space

Am slowly getting back my craft mojo. This Queen Anne's lace has been on my "to try list". Originally I saw it on Jodie at jellywares. I love the pattern , really simple pattern but with a real "wow" factor. I used 2x  50g balls of Noro silk garden -shade 84 and a 6mm hook. I confess I am in love with noro. I love all the  beautiful colours.

And on my way to take it to the Ferry Artist Gallery I showed it to a friend.
 Well she loved it too. This is her scarf now!
I was over the moon that someone else loved it as much as me.

And I got to strike off another project I have been wanting to try.
Cassie at plus3 crochet is the queen of potholders and dishcloths and even though the pattern came from here, it is Cassie's enthusiasm for the potholder that has urged me on. So this has the african flower as the centre. I didn't follow the pattern exactly - the last 2 rows you see have only 3 trebles in each space. I didn't crochet  a back either because in fact this has gone in a hoop and now resides on my kitchen wall.I did place a white fabric backing behind it though.The colours and pattern I chose needed to compliment the plate I already had on the wall.

I can now understand how potholders become quite addictive.
 Already thinking about making the next one!

And this is what I'm working on now. Loving all the colours in the 4ply cotton range.
Look back in a couple of days if you can because I'd love some feedback on this new idea. I am quite taken with it.

And this is my current source of frustration. About 2 years ago some kind local ladies gave me an introduction to spinning wool, as I had inherited 2 spinning wheels from my aunt maude. It was hard and required a lot of practicing, and I just wasn't in the right mind set then to pursue it. BUT now I am ready and eagre to give it the time it demands. But i can't even get it going.....ahhhh. I need to find someone to help me...

And as usual there are lots more creative people over here

Monday, 8 August 2011

All about peace

Kates post about achieving a sense of calm and stillness got me thinking. Of course I have thought about it before but I think I need reminding. On holidays it's easier to achieve a state of peace. We go on holidays to relax , to escape the  pressures and stresses of daily life.... like the non-compliant children ( or more positively phrased the "independant thinking children"), homework times , dinner times (e.g "thats disgusting, I'm not eating that"), sibling fights, leaking gutters , cracked water tank, power outage...again, fights over who's turn on the computer(myself included in this one), all the things that come with 3 children and 2 adults in  a small house...and more recently "I told you not to touch my spinning wheel!"I could go on and on and on.

But this, I think, is normal stuff. So when I came across this quote it just made sense to me.

It does not mean to be in a place
where there is no noise , trouble
or hard work, it means to be in
the midst of those things and still
 be calm in your heart.

Amidst the somewhat chaotic times it is hard to find that calmness sometimes. But I guess it is about being aware that it is there when it does happen  and being more focused on it to make it happen. And I did like the Cathy@chunkychooky comment on the post  regarding making a goal of one hour each day to experience this calmness. This seems like a realistic and achievable  goal to focus on. So while I have no mind blowing answers as how to achieve it, I think the first step is to be aware of it's existance.
I am going to put this quote on my sidebar as a reminder to myself.
Now I'm off to enjoy the quiet and lose myself in making a banana cake. Im renaming it "gold cake", as the bananas are still on the exy side.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Party time

My son turned 7 and lego was the order of the day. And if anyone wants to make a quick , but very yummy gluten free cake , I used "Deliciously Free" chocolate mud cake mix. I would actually choose it over a regular mix, and thats saying something for gluten free!

And for some caramel popcorn for a going home treat. As I hadn't made this before I did a trial run with half the quantity. Worked beautifully -lovely and golden and yummy!

So then I made the full quantity. Well it's a bit different when you have 27 cones to fill!
The caramel starts to harden before you are half way through. So my advice is either enlist a helper or make it in batches.

Cathie has some sunday snippets going on over at tinniegirl. If you haven't seen her blog it is a must. Her artwork and prose is inspirational.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

my creative space

There has been absolutely no creating over here this week. The winter flu knocked me for 6 and I must say it is still weighing me down. But I thought maybe you might be interested in the "maude" in maude and me.

Who is Maude? Well there are actually 2 Maudes.First there is my Great Aunt Maude and then there is my mum, Beverley Maude. Both women are a great source of inspiration, very special, and fortunately have passed on their creative genes to me. Aunt Maude tried, I think, nearly every creative pursuit when she was alive -from intricate lace making to her bold oil paintings. It is her can do attitude and interest in a vast array of crafts that I have adopted. It was also aunt Maude that taught me how to crochet. I now also have her 2 spinning wheels which I really want to learn more about. My mum has always been sewing and her patchwork creations are amazing. She is a constant source of knitting ideas too and it is from her I learnt to knit.

Mum' patchwork quilt for my daughter

Mum's patchwork quilt again for my daughter
Aunt Maude's crochet  Queen bedspread
 given to us as our wedding present.

Mum's knitted cardy using Jo Sharp pattern and yarn. Can be worn upside down.

For more creativity head over to ourcreativespaces

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