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Thursday, 11 August 2011


....I have food and shelter for my children and this crisis breaks my heart.

These images may upset you, but imagine how upsetting it must be to live their life.
It bares no comparison.

A deadly combination of drought, on-going conflict and escalating food prices has placed over 11 million people in need of life-saving aid in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. Over two million children are malnourished. Please help UNICEF Australia by making a donation online (www.unicef.org.au/eastafrica)

I know there are so many worthy charites out there all deserved of more funds. My way of thinking is if you can spare even $2 that makes a difference on mass. Google "east africa appeal" and there are numerous organisations raising funds for the east africa crisis. I chose unicef.

As I write this post I realise I am also writing my grateful post. I am so grateful because I feel so lucky that my children are well nourished and have access to great medical care.


  1. We are truly so blessed aren't we - heartbreaking and heartwrenching. I have been blogging about our shocking adoption laws - apparently the Australian government's stance is there is not a demand to adopt orphans internationally, because overseas countries have great programs running to care for orphans. Makes me sick.

    Lovely to 'meet' you - Rach

  2. Me too me too me too me too me too me too me too... I could go all day. x

  3. I agree with everything you have written.

    I am off to click that link and see what I can do to help. You are right every little bit helps.

  4. You are so right ... every bit helps.

  5. Its heartbreaking. How said that the difference between life and death depends on where you are born in the world. I am going to look at the Unicef site. I have been trying to find a children's charity for a little while that actually makes a difference (its amazing how many of them only end up passing 15% of their fund raising through and the rest is swallowed up by administration). I've just read a little on Unicef and it seems trustworthy.


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