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Welcome to my crafty world! I am proud mum to three gorgeous kids, a wife to a supportive husband, and a self confessed craft addict. I am continually inspired to create and would love to share this journey with you. My current obsession is crochet and spinning. I can be contacted at maudeandme@bigpond.com

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

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There has been absolutely no creating over here this week. The winter flu knocked me for 6 and I must say it is still weighing me down. But I thought maybe you might be interested in the "maude" in maude and me.

Who is Maude? Well there are actually 2 Maudes.First there is my Great Aunt Maude and then there is my mum, Beverley Maude. Both women are a great source of inspiration, very special, and fortunately have passed on their creative genes to me. Aunt Maude tried, I think, nearly every creative pursuit when she was alive -from intricate lace making to her bold oil paintings. It is her can do attitude and interest in a vast array of crafts that I have adopted. It was also aunt Maude that taught me how to crochet. I now also have her 2 spinning wheels which I really want to learn more about. My mum has always been sewing and her patchwork creations are amazing. She is a constant source of knitting ideas too and it is from her I learnt to knit.

Mum' patchwork quilt for my daughter

Mum's patchwork quilt again for my daughter
Aunt Maude's crochet  Queen bedspread
 given to us as our wedding present.

Mum's knitted cardy using Jo Sharp pattern and yarn. Can be worn upside down.

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  1. That crocheted queen bedspread is AMAZING!
    How lucky you are to have such creative heritage!
    (found you via Our Creative Spaces, and love your blog!)
    Em x

  2. What a wonderful tribute to the women who inspired and taught you to be creative!

  3. I am sending you some healthy vibes your way and hope you all get better soon!
    What an interesting craft heritage in your family Trudi...That bed spread is amazing !!!When I see older ladies work I am always blown away by the quality of their work!xx


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