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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My creative space

Am slowly getting back my craft mojo. This Queen Anne's lace has been on my "to try list". Originally I saw it on Jodie at jellywares. I love the pattern , really simple pattern but with a real "wow" factor. I used 2x  50g balls of Noro silk garden -shade 84 and a 6mm hook. I confess I am in love with noro. I love all the  beautiful colours.

And on my way to take it to the Ferry Artist Gallery I showed it to a friend.
 Well she loved it too. This is her scarf now!
I was over the moon that someone else loved it as much as me.

And I got to strike off another project I have been wanting to try.
Cassie at plus3 crochet is the queen of potholders and dishcloths and even though the pattern came from here, it is Cassie's enthusiasm for the potholder that has urged me on. So this has the african flower as the centre. I didn't follow the pattern exactly - the last 2 rows you see have only 3 trebles in each space. I didn't crochet  a back either because in fact this has gone in a hoop and now resides on my kitchen wall.I did place a white fabric backing behind it though.The colours and pattern I chose needed to compliment the plate I already had on the wall.

I can now understand how potholders become quite addictive.
 Already thinking about making the next one!

And this is what I'm working on now. Loving all the colours in the 4ply cotton range.
Look back in a couple of days if you can because I'd love some feedback on this new idea. I am quite taken with it.

And this is my current source of frustration. About 2 years ago some kind local ladies gave me an introduction to spinning wool, as I had inherited 2 spinning wheels from my aunt maude. It was hard and required a lot of practicing, and I just wasn't in the right mind set then to pursue it. BUT now I am ready and eagre to give it the time it demands. But i can't even get it going.....ahhhh. I need to find someone to help me...

And as usual there are lots more creative people over here


  1. Wow, you've been really busy! AND I love all your projects! AND keep up trying with the spinning wheel, it takes a lot of practice. Maybe sit in front of the tv and practice the 'leg work'. Once you have that figured out & can do it without thinking about it then add the fleece & start spinning!

  2. I love your potholder in the embroidery hoop. Such a good idea!

  3. Your mandala looks great! It looks very cool in an embroidery hoop! Your Queen Anne's lace is pretty, I really like the color :) that's a project I've often thought about doing!

    Good luck with your spinning :)

  4. YOur crotchet projects are amazing. It is on my list on things to try- one day.

  5. the potholder looks pretty.. nice idea to fit it into the embroidery hoop!and the scarf colour choice is perfect!

  6. Lots of creativity going on! I love the potholder in the hoop - looks lovely on your wall, great idea:) Lucky you, with 2 spinning wheels - I hope you get lots of use from them once you get the hang of it :D

  7. Potholder looks great! Love both the pattern and the color choice!

  8. Beautiful work Trudi, the crochet is hook is stunning and I love your last project chain the colours are really nice together! I also have a spinning wheel that was given to me (mine needs repairs I think) it is still on the one day list :) Shame we are far :)
    I hope this time the post won't "vamoush"in the blogger infinity hole :)
    Crossing fingers!!!

  9. That scarf looks gorgeous. And I'd love to know more about those links you are making. Where did you get that idea and how do you do it?

    Amy xo

  10. WOW!!! Your Queen Anne looks absolutely gorgeous!!! I am totally in love with Noro too and love the shade you used for your scarf..

    Jodie :)

  11. All of your projects are fantastic. And the last one is quite intriguing. I look forward to see what you are up to. Good luck with the spinning wheel. While in Nepal, we saw lots of ladies using them. Have a great day. Tammy

  12. Well done on the Queen Anne - it is on my list of things to crochet as well. Good luck with the spinning wheel - I would love to learn bu fear that it would cause a divorce:)

  13. Love those potholders! They look perfect hanging on the wall. Would love to help you get started on the wheel. Yours looks similar to mine but I'm not to sure? What are you having trouble with? Do you have a local yarn shop that stocks spinning wheels? I bet they would be more than happy to have a look with you. Honestly I'm still having a bit of trouble with mine but I think it's because it has a few structural problems. I had no problem with the ones at the yarn store. Email me with your questions and I will see if I can help. tangledhappy@gmail.com Wishing you a happy Sunday. :)


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