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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

my creative space

Happy spring everyone!!
Well I couldn't wait to start on my bunting swap,
eventhough I don't know my swap partner yet ( I'm just hoping whoever they may be they are going to like what I have made). Here's a sneak preview.

As promised here are some pics of Virginia Farm Wool  where I am learning to spin.

 It's just like a candy store!

 Some lush silk and mohair and other fibres.

 And loads of dyes.

And Ta Da - my first skein from the lesson. Does it look soft? Because it is so soft -I love it.
I'm thinking now what colour to dye it....

My husband said the inconsistency  is what gives it  its charm.
This was a compliment about my craft -nearly went into shock!

And it is confirmed - I definetley have the spinning virus. Spinning all those wonderful pinks.

Our creative space has all the usual creative wonderfulness. It's a must see.


  1. Oh how exciting to spin your own wool! The shop does look inviting and interesting!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Ahh... SUCCESS! You must be so proud & a compliment from the fella as well! Good job! Make something special with your first wool... how about a groovy teapot cosy?

  3. oh wow it really is like a candy store!
    just signed up for the bunting swap too, hope i get one of your beautiful bunting pieces!!

  4. Oh yum! I call it craft porn ;) LOVE those photos and totally in awe of your spinning skills. Happy Spring! Kx

  5. Wow I just love the colours of your yarn... it's beautiful! I would love to learn how to do that... maybe one day when I have more time... ha ha ha :)

  6. Very nice. Love a non-fattening candy store!

  7. That pink yarn is just yummy!

  8. The bunting looks amazing - so far...
    Those pix of where you are learning to spin are awesome. You sure are 1 lucky girl..

    Jodie :)

  9. Love that bunting..and what a great shop for inspiration!!

  10. Know what you mean about the compliment from hubby - I have the same thing with my Mr!


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