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Thursday, 25 August 2011

my lastest obsession.........

...............and frustration.
Well I went to my first spinning lesson at Virginia Wool Farm.  It was also a lesson in patience and persistence. I was there for 3 hours and I don't think I actually got it until the last hour. The first 2 I was thinking why am I doing this to myself. But I was surrounded by lovely supportive women all at different levels of spinning. They were very encouraging and assured me that was how they began. They had lots of helpful tips. Like keeping my left foot at the corner of the peddle to stop the wheel going in reverse when I was to irregular in my peddling( I peddle with my right foot).Also to look at my hands as opposed to where the wool is going. And Jenny our teacher had loads of patience and knowledge to teach.I'll be learning how to prepare the raw wool ready for spinning, how to spin other fibres and maybe evening dyeing.
On my first day the task was to spin 2 spools of slivers. I managed 1 and this is the photo of spinning my second spool at home. Each spool tells a story of my progress. The chunky bits reveal my struggle with joins , when I spun too thin and it broke. Lots of chunky bits! There will be patches of knots when my finger slipped and I lost the control of the spin.

 Next week I learn how to ply these 2 spools together.So I'm guessing this first batch will be "fancy" yarn! And I will remember to take my camera next week to take some pics of the shop. It was like a candy store!

Before I discovered Virginia Farm I ordered some slivers from Petlins. They arrived!

My fingers are itching to spin these.

Moving completely away from spinning. I'm taking part in my first swap. I'm really really excited.
Rachelle from Squiggly Rainbow is hosting a bunting swap. For details check her blog out. But basically you choose how many bunting pieces you want to make . I chose 5 and so I will receive 5 in return.

Have a great Friday everyone


  1. Lovely xxxx thanks Rach xo

    ooohhhh - I really want to learn to spin one day xo

  2. Wow!!! Can't wait to see some of your hand-spun creations...


  3. Good on you for learning something new Trudi, spinning is something that is definitely new to me. I'm still alive by the way, have just finally got a new computer, so will get back into blogging soon.

  4. they look so soft and beautiful, I just want to reach out and grab one!

    yay for bunting!! ♥

  5. I tip my hat to you Trudi! I am sure with you perseverance you will be spinning beautiful yarns soon! Well done!I still have not got my swap fabrics...so will wait for another swap :)
    Have a great weekend x

  6. Sound like it's working out. It is hard to be patient in the learning process but I'm thinking it will be well worth the effort. Those silvers are quite stunning. Can't wait to see the finished product. Amazing!

  7. Just came across your blog while googling granny square skirts. :)

    I bought a spinning wheel a couple of weeks ago and am addicted. It's great fun. Like you my yarn is thick in places, thin in others, too much twist in places, BUT I made it!

    I have a couple of pics on my blog if you fancy having a look. :)


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