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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Party time

My son turned 7 and lego was the order of the day. And if anyone wants to make a quick , but very yummy gluten free cake , I used "Deliciously Free" chocolate mud cake mix. I would actually choose it over a regular mix, and thats saying something for gluten free!

And for some caramel popcorn for a going home treat. As I hadn't made this before I did a trial run with half the quantity. Worked beautifully -lovely and golden and yummy!

So then I made the full quantity. Well it's a bit different when you have 27 cones to fill!
The caramel starts to harden before you are half way through. So my advice is either enlist a helper or make it in batches.

Cathie has some sunday snippets going on over at tinniegirl. If you haven't seen her blog it is a must. Her artwork and prose is inspirational.


  1. How cool is that lego cake! Oh and I absolutely love caramelised popcorn. I've never tried to make it before though. Might be a good one to test out on the nephews

  2. That's one inspired cake. And hearty thanks for the gluten free heads up - my versions always look so sorry for themselves...

  3. love your lego cake! was also going to make caramel popcorn yesterday but thought they had enough sugar to satisfy them!
    happy birthday to your boy ♥

  4. that lego cake is sensational. yum yum. looks like lots of yummy celebrating at your place.

    thanks for your lovely words about my blog.


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