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Thursday, 22 September 2011

confessions of a crafter

 I don't mend. 
I have a pile which is the mending pile. It is a about a 6-8 months turn around.
My husband has been waiting for one button to be sewed back on his shirt now for 2 months. It is a winter shirt so I think I might be safe till next winter now.
Even my 9 year old understands if mums says "just put it on the table, I'll sew it later" It really means" you better find something else to wear". My eldest has given me a pair of his school shorts to sew up. I'm seriously thinking it might be just as well to buy the next size up and hopefully by the time my 7 year old can fit into them I'll have sewn them....maybe.
Some clothes have sat in the pile so long I've ended up transferring them to the rag pile.

I did finally find a way to organise my cottons. Pretty good  - only 6 months!
But I only bought one and I need about two more.

As I write this I have had an idea.....I think it is time to teach my 9 year old to sew buttons on.


  1. I almost never mind anything. In fact, the men in my life are much better at sewing on buttons and hemming things than I've ever been!

  2. It is just too exciting thinking about new projects. I know the feeling well.

    I hope my son will learn to sew.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I can totally relate. My husband ended up taking a shirt that had been on my 'mending pile' to our ironing lady and she fixed it for him. Jx


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