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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Monday catch up

I'm not that immediate when it comes to posting I realise.
I don't have an iphone - my phone is vintage stock - an app, what is an app?
I'll go on a walk and think of great musings to post about.
They're lost by the time I'm home or chaos of everyday life  just  takes over.
Photos are mostly planned/posed.

So this was my daughter's birthday cake that was sent to school on Friday.
There was a very happy smile that went with the photo but for his own particular reasons my husband is not keen on our children's photos being up on the web.

 Some more spinning.

Returning from a great night with friends in Sydney
we dropped in at the gordon markets on Sunday.
I realise also I now might have an addiction to doillies....and I made absolutely no attempt to iron these beauties.

I could have lingered longer but with kids in tow it wasn't going to happen.
Markets aren't their favourite places to visit, but not quite as bad as Spotlight on their rating scale. A visit to Spotlight is often used as a threat! I remember as a child absolutely hating having to go with my parents to the nursery - it was incredibly boring and tedious. But don't kids have it great now with the playgrounds. 
In my day ...


  1. Happy belated Birthday to your daughter, the cake and the yarn look like they match too :)That would be such a pleasure and achievement crocheting with your own yarn! Yay for markets and lol about the spotlight threat! :)

  2. Cute cake! I'm with you with the phone .. an old Nokia that I don't even use half the time. My husband wants to buy me a blackberry or iphone but I'm not interested. I don't want to be connected to the world all the time. I don't do Facebook or Twitter. Love that doily collection. Kids are the same wherever you go ... when we were in Nepal summer, all my kids kept saying is "not another temple" -- there were lots to see. :) Have a great day! Tammy

  3. A lovely spring cake for a birthday.

    Phones really dominate our modern life now dont they. All during my consults even people are attending to them.

    Beautiful colour on your yarn.

    At the moment my son loves spotlight, Big W,and goes absolutley hyper at markets. I'm just a wreck afterwards.


  4. I use Spotlight as a threat too! Thing is, I prefer to avoid the place more than the kids! (Doily addictions are good for the soul. Proven fact).

  5. Don't you love it when you realise you've reached that age - the 'in my day' age! I am so there.

    That cake is gorgeous. As are the doilies.


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