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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My creative space

Haven't done a great deal on the crochet front.
 Completed one more bunting piece for the swap (see side bar).

 I have been spinning though - surprise, surprise!
This is my first skein that  I just dyed "rust". The dye is "landscapes" and available here.
I haven't crocheted anything yet with my new yarns. I kinda just like looking at them and admiring my achievment.
But I have been thinking about what to do with them. And todays plan is to crochet a simple granny square blanket with lots of bright colours. This way I won't have to have an exact quantity and I figure I will be able to see my progress in the blanket as it gets bigger.(I hope!)
The blanket will tell of my learning to spin journey.
What do you think?

And these are the lovely ladies I'm learning to spin with.
Jenny, the lady in navy jumper on left, is our wonderful teacher and ever so patient, and just so knowledgable when it comes to everything about spinning.

Did you notice all the different types of wheels?!
ps thankyou ladies for letting me post photos of you.

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  1. look at their concentration! amazing.

    you must really be enjoying it Trudi.

    happy creating ♥

  2. It looks very relaxing. *sigh* I wish I had more hours in my day!

  3. What an exciting thing to learn Trudi. Crotcheting the bunting is a gerat idea too.


  4. Very nice spinning and well done to you! I love that rust colour too :-) Thats a great idea for your spinning project. I made a small pin cushion that will probably never see the light of day again ( LOL ) but it is good to look back and see how we have progressed. I found that after spinning for a year on a temperamental wheel and then getting a new one that I COULD SPIN and I really do love it :-)

  5. Spinning looks like so much fun! You are so lucky to have found a group! I am still looking for a knitting group in my area, think I will have to start my own! It's lovely to share you learning with others!

  6. You are doing so well, now I feel guilty of neglect when I look at my wheel :)Yes there is many different types!Do they do different jobs?


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