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Monday, 3 October 2011

The good and not so good.

Where to start for the last week or so on holidays...?
It'll have to be a list.

1. Holiday to Byron Bay

2.Holidaying at my mum's.
3. My birthday on holidays.
4.Catching up on a year's publications of Belle, Vogue Living, House and Gardens and more whilst on holidays.
5. Getting absorbed in my birthday book "The Happiest Refugee" by Anh Do whilst on holidays.
6. Breathing in the salty air.
7. Feeling the sand between my toes.

8.Looking for treasures on the beach.
9.. Watching the kids revel in the beach and the water.
10. Seeing the kid's excitement at Movie World.
11. Having takeaway - twice! (no such thing where we live)
12. Eating out twice.
13. Having a night out just with Steve.
14 The whole family going to the movies to see Red Dog ( didn't realise it was a tear jerker though)
15.Discovering a box full of doilies and table clothes in my mum's cupboard.
I also learnt my mum did some of the needle point
when in her early twenties for her "glory box"!

My great grandmother made this

16.Being the recipient of my mum's shopping mistakes.
Have some restyling to do.

17.Visiting  for the first time since his funeral my father's grave site and seeing his headstone for the first time.
18.Filling this bag full of finds from mum's house. This will be a whole separate post.

19.Getting the toys out for the kids and rediscovering some of my old toys I loved. And then seeing them get the same joy from them.

20. Going to 2 great markets and one being my all time favourite, The Bangalow Markets. The other market was at Brunswick Heads.

21. Finding inspiration everywhere in Byron and it's surrounds. Byron oozes creativity.
Can you guess what this is?

22.Attempting Origami with the kids.
23. Making some fingerless gloves for my mum.
24. Returning home to a bunting in the post and some bunting gratitude ( another post).
25 Spending time with my mum.
Can you spy some origami my mum commandeered
26. R and R
27. And much more!

1. 9 hours each way in a car with 3 kids.
2, Thinking we had 2 hours to go and then had to be diverted around an accident - added 1/2 hour on.( but very grateful it wasn't us in the accident)
2. The weather.
3. I really don't have the folding expertise ( or patience) required for origami.
4. Consuming way too much food. (all very yummy though)
4. Returning to chook poo everywhere.
5. Returning to this.4 loads. How does this happen when I do washing before we leave for holidays and washing everyday on holidays??


  1. Happy belated Birthday Trudi.The photo with your mum is really lovely! haha it took me a while as well, to "re-land" onto reality, washing etc when we returned from our break :) I can totally relate!take it easy :)
    Yes the long drive is a pain but so much worth it! xx

  2. Spirograph fun! And I hear you re. the washing. I've ignored ours for 2 days and it's taking over the house. Envious of your lovely beach holiday though. Sounds like you really had a chance to recharge your batteries.

  3. Sounds like there is lots of "the good" to focus on!!


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