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Friday, 7 October 2011

grateful for receiving

As promised revealing what's in the bag (note:the bag was also gifted)

 Loads of craft supplies.

And could this be the answer to my mending woes?

These are the instructions. Notice the last sentence - anything outdated in that?

I went on a pebble search at the beach
 -looking for the perfect pebble to crochet.

I did buy some alpaca fleece to spin from the bangalow markets.

Currently unpicking these jackets.
Not quite as painful as unpicking your own work!

Whilst rummaging through mum's cupboards , 
half in and half out the cupboard I made this necklace.

I spied these glass beads in my mum's jewelry box. 
As it turns out they belonged to my great aunt Maude.

And another special maude item. 
It's not a masterpiece but I loved her simple approach in oils.

So as you can see I am a very lucky lady to be on the receiving end of all these wonderful items and I am truly grateful for every one of them. But it seems this is not unusual for me. I  could honestly say that at least 60% of my wardrobe is made up of clothes that have been handed across to me ( the remaining have been largely op shopped). I am always being given things. Sometimes I think I must seem needy but then I think my friends know that I will make good use of their generosity.
Felt like it's been while since I've posted a grateful , but it's always with me.
So please check out Maxabellaloves other gratefuls.


  1. Trudi, these lovely items coming your way. What a treasure. The history, the memories, the love.


  2. Mums!!They know exactly what makes us smile do they :)Enjoy xx

  3. What a super bag of treasures, Trudi. You are very lucky indeed. I really love your Aunt Maude's beads. x


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