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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

kids in the kitchen

On our long drives the routine seems to be leave 4am ish , stop at Macca's for breaky and then drive until someone has to have a nature stop. But we try to coincide the nature stop with the petrol stop. Doesn't always work , but the kids are definetly getting better. Thank goodness we no longer have the nappy change stop. SO anyway on this last trip the boys discovered the joys of Macca's hotcakes.

Well top of the list of things to do for my eldest was to make thick pancakes. I have a huge sweet tooth so of course when he googled a recipe, "gluten free" had to included.
JACKPOT! taste.com provided a yummy buckwheat recipe
This is them cooking in the pan. Photos of them on the plate? I don't think so. Didn't last long enough for me to the camera! We had them with icecream and maple syrup.

A very easy recipe and perfect for my son who I am trying to impart some basic cooking methods onto. 
One of my thought processes whilst away was I want my kids to learn more about cooking. So I asked myself how did I learn to cook? And it wasn't by going to a cooking school. It was from my mum , watching and then having a go. Reading cookbooks. I learnt a lot about ingredients from a wise women from my time as a live-in nanny to her daughter in London. And I learnt  and was so inspired by the fabulous cooking of my aunt in Scotland. She can whip up a gourmet feast in a flash.
However I have one obstacle - I don't cook most of the dinners and I never cook meat. I am lucky that Steve will cook most meals but patience in the kitchen isn't one of his virtues(and sometimes cooking with kids does require extra time and patience!) So I'll need to start cooking a bit more. Not just the sweet yummy stuff (but minus the meat) or maybe designate a kids in the kitchen night...?
How did you learn to cook?


  1. Even though I cook almost every night, I am a really basic cook and pretty much taught myself. There is very little variation at our house. My mum cooks very much the same. If I'm going to try something new then it is usually with a dessert. Miss 13 is showing a lot more promise lol!

  2. I learnt to cook at home, although Mum was always a fairly basic cook, nothing adventures but basic and nutritious. My grandmothers always had more patience and my Nan used to make the best home-made hot chips (my favourite comfort food and i'm really good at them too!) and Gran taught me how to bake, mostly biscuits. Last night Donna Hays book (no time to cook) taught me a great new recipe which was incredibly easy and loved by everyone. It does contain meat though, crunchy crumbed parmesan chicken, baked, not fried and we served it on a bed of raw coleslaw (as in no dressing).
    Jane x

  3. Woohoo they look great :)It took my girls a long time to show any interest in the kitchen...it is just starting phew! I learned with my Italian Grandma she was a super cook and started me very early :) Yes lots of pasta of course :) I still remember my first dish on my own was cauliflower gratin (as she had to go to hospital). I did super well except I realised afterward, I forgot to wash it first lol!(I was tiny too :)) xx


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