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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My creative space - and more!

Hi there. Gosh the weeks seem to be flying by. 
Hope everyone is having a good day and checking out all the creativity over at ourcreativespaces
This week I made one more brooch for my mum.

I tried a new flower pattern from this book.
I'm not sure I would have been able to follow this pattern if I had tried it at the beginning of the year.
But I've come along way baby...
This is the same book I used for my vintage booties

And look what I won?!! How lucky am I!
I just love Anna's shiny happy art and I was extremely lucky to win this over at 74limelane
Did you notice the very arty envelope it arrived in?!
And now I just have to decide on what to do with my robin.
I really do want it on my wall ...it is so beautiful.

And what's been happening on the wheel I hear you ask?
(well someone maybe wants to know?)
I've been madly spinning my red so I can continue with my current project - YES I started.

But before I show you I just had to take a photo of the weigh in.
How spot on was I?!!

And here it is . The beginning of my granny square.
 It will tell the story of the start of learning to spin.
The orange was the first and quite chunky. I noticed my red is a lot thinner.

And now I'm madly spinning up some purple, as that's the next round.

At this weeks spinning group I learnt to spin silk. I also learnt that one of the ladies that also goes to the group has the 1funkyknitwit blog. And wow it is a must see if you love knitting,spinning, yarn, dyeing, sewing....she definitely is one funky lady. She has also included an extensive resource page.

Right, are you still with me?
Last but by no way least.
Have you checked out Craftyrie ? Well Rie is compiling a Universal Craft Blog Directory! 

This has the potential to be the biggest list of Crafty Bloggers out there and it is growing by the minute.

  Do you have a crafty blog? (you can determine if your blog is crafty - do you make, create or buy lots of crafty stuff?)  If the answer is yes go over and link up . Go on.


  1. Oh wow, spinning your own yarn & crocheting that lovely brooch, gorgeous things here, love Posie

  2. I am in awe at your spinning your own yarn...it's something I have wanted to try for years.

  3. you have been so busy and creativity is always inspirational over at your place!
    from this angle that gorgeous crochet flower almost looks like a cupcake.
    anna's artwork is amazing & I also have an envelope that has her signature style.

    happy creating ♥

  4. Love how the granny tells a story. Not attempted a square yet myself.

    That book looks extra special and a lovely brooch.

    Have to check out the directory.

    Have a beautiful weekend Trudi.

  5. wow spinning your own yarn.very clever. i love the bright colours in your granny square too.

  6. Geez, woman! How much crafty gloriousness can you squeeze into one post?!

  7. I love the idea of making a granny square sample from your own-spun yarns. And in such fabulous colours! It already looks so cheerful :)

  8. gee, you are so clever. i'm still contemplating the thought of possibly trying to teach myself how to crochet. Spinning must be so enriching and rewarding. have a great weekend. Jane x

  9. The flower looks great, I love the sparkle in the middle! And.. SNAP with the birdie print panel - we won the same competition & we both picked the same panel too - how weird is that! I'm really scared about stuffing up the birdie panel, it's just so awesome as it is.... my hubby suggested framing it!
    And thanks for promoting the Universal Crafty Blog Directory too!!

  10. I'm amazed by all your crochet, something I'm not so confident inso I greatly admire others that do it so well. Your spinning is coming along too, your granny square is going to look stunning ! ..great colours !

    thanks for your kind words Trudi your very kind ! ..catch ya Tuesday :)


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