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Friday, 14 October 2011

My Place and Yours

I'm playing along today with Vic's My Place and Yours
This is a new one for me. I think I get it - each week there is a different theme - today it is what is On The Shelf. It has  turned out quite coincidentally that I only took this photo this morning and then I read Vic's post.

Great excuse to show of my beautiful flowers!
This is a shelf in my kitchen .
 The lavender was a gift and grown locally on one of the many flower farms in our area.


  1. Love the little jug! I have a growing collection that are often used for flowers.

  2. Yep, you get it!

    Thanks so much for playing along; I can smell the lavender from here!

  3. I LOVE that jug holding your fresh lavender!

  4. I love the smell of fresh lavender. I just bought a lavender pot for my balcony garden. And that jug sure is pretty.

  5. Love the lavender in the jug. The colour of the jug complements the lavender so beautifully.

  6. i also love the smell of lavender!
    gorgeous jug too ♥

  7. You can't go wrong with lavender. Makes my day! I've got to get organised and join in with this meme! Terrific it's back!

  8. I have lavender growing at home, but it really needs a lovely little jug to be displayed in. I Love the blue pots on your shelf too. Thanks for stopping by to see my shelf too!

  9. Ooh, we just planted some lavender bushes. I can't wait until they're big enough to pick! I love that jug you have them in.

  10. Love, love lavendar - it's definitely one of my favorites:) Cyndy

  11. I love the smell of lavender!Beautiful photo! But I must say that when I first came over, the plate mosaic flowerpot caught my attention immediately! It is gorgeous!
    P.S. Thank you for dropping by with such a sweet comment!

  12. Oh it must be purple love at the moment Trudi :) Lavenders do not do very well in our over wet climate here...missing it greatly! Enjoy xx

  13. Oooh, I have those canisters in red and I love them, but I like your blue ones a lot more!!


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