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Sunday, 30 October 2011

My Place and Yours

I am loving this meme that Vic has going over at PunkyandMe
Vic's theme this week is where I sleep. 
I did feel too embarrassed to take a natural shot so I have gone for the make bed and do a quick tidy up shot.

What I did want to show is my first and last (so far) attempt at patchwork.
The beautiful bed Steve made from recycled oregon and my artwork created by my aunt in-law.
And  my lovely chandelier that use to hang in my great aunt Maude's house.
And then I decided I needed  a close up of the chandelier.

Mistake - Wholly molly it's dust city up there.
It's just like when I looked behind the kids chest of drawers and found a whole new eco system happening..


  1. Oh my goodness, dusty or not that chandelier is fantastic!

  2. Lol! I had a bit of dust happening too! Gorgeous chandelier. I love your handmade bed and quilt too, everything has a story.

  3. Sometimes it pays not to look - so glad you shared your gorgeous Chandelier and I love the colour of your walls.

  4. That is an amazing chandelier and I wouldn't worry too much about the dust....we all have some or even a lot around our houses!

  5. You might have a very beautiful Italian beauty there. There's nothing like a chandelier in your bedroom :~)
    Love your beautiful room, your gorgeous chandelier and lovely post. Have a great week :)

  6. What a cool chandelier! I'd love to have pretty lighting in my bedroom instead of my ugly fan/light.

  7. Hi Trudy, your bedroom looks very comfy and the chandelier is gorgeous, but your bed is so lovely.... my husband made our first bed from oregon in almost the same style except he burnt the timber and sanded it back and then varnished it so it was a bit rustic... after 33 years of use it was on it's way to the tip but our youngest daughter said we had to keep it because it is a family heirloom so now its in the shed waiting for her to get a bigger house...lol...

  8. Love your space here!
    Lots of meaning and gorgeousness!!

  9. Frangipanis are so cheery. Love the pics above your bed... and that doona/bedspread/quilt... lovely dovely too - did you make it?

  10. What a wonderful chandelier, dusty or not!


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