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Tuesday, 22 November 2011


 Thanks for all your lovely encouraging words about my bangles ,
or I should call them my handless gloves (as christened by Vic).
As promised I finally put pen to paper so to speak and have written the pattern.
This bangle pattern is easy peasy crochet. And weighing in at less than 10 grams, it's great for using up those  leftover bits in the stash.

 The cotton I used was an 8 ply and I used a 3.5mm hook.
U.K. terms used.

 Chain 40 in main colour. Slip stitch to first chain ( making sure not to twist the chain)
(note: there is no turning involved. It is worked in the round)

 Row 1. Chain 1. Half treble in next 39 chains.Slip stitch to top of first chain.

 Row 2. Chain 1. Half treble in next 39 chains. Slip stitch to top of first chain. Fasten off.

Row 3. Slip stitch 2nd colour to first chain. Chain 1. Half treble next 39 chains. Slip stitch to top of first chain. Fasten off.

 Row 4. Slip stitch main colour to first chain. Chain 1. Half treble next 39 chains and slip stitch to top of first chain.
Row 5. Chain 1. Half treble next 39 chains and slip stitch to top of first chain. Fasten off.

Now fold in half (as in picture below).

On the home run now. Make sure all loose ends are placed inside the bangle.
Join the 2 edges with a double crochet stitch into each chain and opposing loop. Fasten off.

Pull loose end into the inside.

Now you'll need to "unflatten" the bangle by kind of "squashing" it into shape. Love the techy terms!
And hey Presto!

I hope that was clear? 
Now you may find you need to increase or decrease the number of chains depending on your desired size.
The below bangles were made in wool/mohair and I only chained 35.
Any questions please contact me. If you do use this pattern I would love to see your creations. And a link back here would be appreciated too.

And just one more...

PS Have you noticed I've opened up an etsy shop? See the sidebar.It is still undergoing some setup(until I've worked out how to do a few things).

Pop over to ourcreativespaces for more inspiration.


  1. very nice pattern! I'll have to make one soon!

    Congrats on opening your new shop too :)

  2. Nice pattern! thanks!
    and have a nice day! :)

  3. Thanks for this, Trudi. It looks easy enough even for me ... crochet is not my forte.

  4. Aaah these are gorgeous! I will so be giving them a go. In fact, I'm just about it 'pin' it to my Crochet pinterest board, so expect some more visitors :)

  5. oh sometimes the simple ones are the greatest! a beautiful idea!..must make some for me:) thank youf or sharing your pattern!

  6. Yay, thanks for sharing your pattern! Such a great accessory, a must for all yarn lovers!

  7. It's fantastic! I love the term 'handless gloves'... very cute ;)
    I'm teaching my daughter to crochet and I think she'll love this too.
    Perfect gifts for her friends :) Kx

  8. These are great - thinking my daughter might want to give them a try! Cyndy

  9. Great bangles! Thanks for the pattern.
    And snap I have just announced that I am about to set up shop too :)

  10. Cute bracelets! And your new shop looks great. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving. :)

  11. A girl can never have too many bangles (or boys for that matter)! Especially ones made out of yarn. Yay thanks for the pattern.

  12. These are great! Perfect for those little bits, like you said. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Well done and thanks for taking the time to write the pattern!Hopefully when things settle I should try :)Or get my girls to try :)
    Congrats for Etsy and all the very best, off to favourite it :) xx

  14. LOVE the crocheted bangle. I'm hoping to learn to crochet some time, maybe next winter. And congrats on your Etsy shop! When I had mine going I really loved the interaction with others and waking up to a sale that had happened overnight ;-) Good luck.

  15. these are great Trudi :D ..and a HUGE congrats on your new shop ! ..wish you well with all :)

  16. Sweet and lovely, thanks for the tutorial, maybe I'll make one for my daughter, thanks for sharing!

  17. So CUTE! I'll have to make one, or two, or MORE!

  18. wow they're gorgeous :D might have to make some out of variegated yarn

  19. They are lovely, my 12 yr old is into bangles these days, I think I'll make some for her.

  20. plz make it in video tutorial
    or if u have it thn plz share it here


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