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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

my creative space...

Another action packed crafty week !
I finished my blanket  knee rug. 

 I'm pretty happy with it. It tells my learning to spin journey. The centre orange is real chunky(my very first), then I went real thin and there is a bit over underplying, some dyeing...and I love it. 

I decided last week that I wanted to create my own pattern for some fingerless gloves in ultra soft alpaca, merino and mohair..
The below is the result!

 As you can see it didn't quite work....but I'm happy with the bangles I came up with instead!
So then I went about with another bangle , this time in cotton, and with the purpose to share the pattern with you.(Let me know if you want it) I'm not happy with the photos along the way, so I will try again. Stayed tuned.

And the kids and I made some paper beads ....

and some chrissy decorations

I've also been experimenting with some fabric paint.
These are stencils I made using freezer paper I bought from The Haby Goddess and the paint came from here
Just testing out the 3 colours ; indigo, sea green and morrocan red.
I quite like the combination of the blue and green together, and this stencil worked really well.
With these ones I sponged them on ( because that's all I had). Will try other ways to apply.
 I have to get my hands on a roller me thinks!

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  1. Hey Trudi! Gosh you've been busy! I love the knee rug. The colours are fabulous. And I really like the look of those bangles - are they easy to do? The chrissy decorations are really nice - I think I might have a go at making some with my two too.

  2. You have been busy, alot of crafting... love your blanket and that you hooked your homespun wool :)

  3. You've been busy. Love your blanket and your bangles are awesome.

  4. Oh wow - you have been busy! I LOVE those bangles! They'd make great Christmas gifts!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  5. The colours in that rug are amazing. Love it!

  6. Lmao - those gloves are hand-less as well...! ;)

    Very productive space!

  7. Wow, busy! Love the little flower in the centre of the blanket.

  8. Ok now I am feeling like I have't done much this week! Love the little chrissy decorations, my middle made some (not in xmas colours)recently too:) And love the bangle, especially in the cotton:) Cyndy

  9. Love your bangles! Your knee rug is gorgeous too, the colours are so lovely.

  10. Yes it is action packed this week!:) I love the blanket and the story with it Trudi!

  11. Love that sometimes one project turns into another. Love those wooly bangles!

  12. Giggling that your gloves turned into bangles, but the bangles look great!

  13. Crikey you've been busy! How wonderful that you spun your own yarn and then worked it. The bangles are really nice too x

  14. Love those bangles, you have been a busy bee.

  15. Wow! Do you spin your own wool as well? Gorgeous!! I love the colours in the bangles.

  16. The bangles are gorgeous! And so is that blanket!

  17. You've been super busy! Love the story the blanket tells of your spinning. And, love the bangle, I don't crochet so I might have to steal the inspiration & knit up something like it. A knitty bangle? Yes, that is perfect for fall & winter jewelry! :)

  18. I love how the rug turned out Trudi, great colours together - looks terrific ! Bangles are cool too, maybe spin some linen and crochet linen ones :D cause you know how to spin ;D

  19. Great knee rug - totally loving the colours.

  20. Those are the nicest fingerless gloves I've seen. Yay for you! And big yay for the crafting of a granny blanket thingy - everything bar (baa) the wool growing...


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