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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My Creative Space

Happy December everyone1
This last month I have been on a mission. I have set myself a task of spinning 50/50 silk and merino to create something gorgeous for my mum for christmas.
These are the stages so far. Sorry I forgot to take pics of the tops before I started the spinning - I was so eager.

 I love the natural colours.....

 but my mum loves grey...

.....so grey it is.

And now I am madly crocheting away. Thought I would have it finished but the lady in question has been staying with us over the last few days  - but I am back on the hook now.
And if you want to see what I am currently spinning head over to 1FUNKYKNITWIT - mine's the citrusy colours.
AND for more creativity head over to ourcreativespaces.


  1. Wow that looks so excellent!! How long does it take you to spin one lot? Ooooo and I love the grey :)

  2. the fibers on the reels look so beautiful, you are very clever

  3. This is gorgeous Trudi! The grey looks so shinny love it!Someone will be so happy :)

  4. Your mum has good taste loving grey -> they're gorgeous !! .)
    ..and I too know what it's like to get right to it and forget taking photos..lol

  5. Oooo... I love grey too! I really admire you for being able to spin your own yarn. So fabulous. I'm loving everything in your creative space.


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