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Sunday, 6 November 2011

My place and yours.....

......my favourite piece of clothing.

Another great theme from Vic this week for MPAY
Thought it was going to be an easy one. But my problem I found I could not narrow it down to just one piece.
I love all my clothes. 
So then it struck me. I have kept just one piece of clothing per child from when they were tiny. They are the piece of clothing that was my all time favourite to dress them in.They just looked so darn adorable in them.

And yes if you guessed I don't like to iron.


  1. That is a fantastic idea to keep clothes from their childhood


  2. I see a few of us opted for showing children's clothes. It's lovely to have a few keepsakes to remind us of how tiny they once were!

  3. Who actually likes to iron, let alone has the time!

  4. That is a lovely idea! I haven't ironed since kids. Better things to do and all that x

  5. My hands up as a non ironer too! Somewhere in all the stuff I kept as my children grew up is clothing too. No wonder I have no cupboard space!!!

  6. I don't iron either! Like... ever! The only person that irons here is Mr; work shirts & jeans... I honestly don't see the poing. ;)

    I've kept a couple of things of Punk's & will do with Spence too, just cute stuff because I am a sentimental hoarder type hehe.

  7. Who likes to iron??? cute clothes.

  8. I think the only person I met that likes ironing is my sister in law...:)I love the green set so cute...If I could I would have kept so many of the girls clothes I am terrible at letting things go :)x


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