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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Weekend Snippets


The girls

Watering -we really need some rain.

You'll see lots of this happening these days at our place.

Popping into town...

Every now and then I work in this fab shop -Wiseman's Ferry Vintage & Collectables.

Hop over to Tinniegirl for more sunday snippets.


  1. It is a groovy shop, I love going through such shops it's like stepping back in time. Nice weekend :)

  2. Trudi is that seriously the view from your pool deck? Amazing! I would never want to leave home.

  3. Where you live looks lovely. The weather is definitely not conducive to outdoor swimming here!

  4. Ooh thanks for sharing some snippets around your home I agree with Jodie!! :)your work place looks rather wonderful! I have been hunting for vintage tea pot for ages I bet you have loads there! :)


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