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Monday, 26 December 2011

crochet goodness

Hi everyone.
 Hoping everyone had a joyful christmas. We certainly did, spending it with just the 5 of us at home. We had wanted to be on holidays this christmas but Steve has had to work through it. The important thing was we were altogether. There are people, some very close to my heart , that christmas is a painful time rather than a time of celebration as they don't have their most loved ones with them this year. I feel very fortunate to have my husband and 3 kids to celebrate with.

 It may be christmas but the crocheting hasn't stopped. While the kids have been playing with their new toys I have been hooking away.
And I just love my new vest/jacket. The inspiration came from the beautiful Sandrine  and the pattern can be found here, and the wool came from a friend (thankyou Ann).
I altered the pattern slighty for a snug fit. The back I crocheted to 13 inches instead of 16 inches. Also the wool I was given was an 8 ply, so I used 2 strands together.

This was a super quick project. I'm already dreaming of another one....


  1. Very cute vest... it looks excellent! ha ha ha it's great the toys distracted the little ones :)

  2. I like this vest. I will have to alter the size as well, but will increase instead of decrease to fit my larger frame.

  3. This vest would have to be the perfect garment for our 'almost' Summer this year! x

  4. I made the vest, and really like how it turned out. I linked to your post at:


    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. This is great! I just added it to my Pinterest account!
    (Also, I'm your newest follower!)


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