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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Denim love

The last few weeks I have been experimenting with dyeing.
I dyed these merino tops in the microwave.
Was I happy with the result?

                                                                         Sure was!
                                                    I've spun 100grams into a chunky 

And here it is Denim Love.

And the other 100grams is now being spun into thin and thick and plyed with a cotton strand.

And for more wonderful inspiration  check out Fiber Arts Friday.


  1. Lovely blue ... I've dyed a lot with kool aid and jacquard acids, but that's about it. I want to start doing natural dyeing, with spices and plants and such. But I'm wary of indigo, I've heard it's hard to get off your hands, and I'm messy!

  2. Oh yes, I like that yarn. :-)

    Happy New Year!

  3. That's some good stuff, love the denim handspun! What will you make?

  4. I love how that fiber dyed up and the finished yarn you got from it. The variation in color really pops the texture. Beautiful work. At first I didn't think I'd like dyeing but now...I really dig it. Plus I like the control of getting the color I want instead of hoping someone else has it or will make it.

    Happy New Year!

  5. First time I have been to your site; it really is lovely and you are very creative!

  6. the yarn looks beautiful! Happy New Year :)

  7. It came out beautifully!! The best part about spinning roving that you've dyed is that the yarn comes out perfectly variegated because of the lighter patches where the dye didn't reach. I often get those, too (like here):http://woollove-functional-fiberart.blogspot.com/2011/06/hand-dyed-roving-and-silks.html
    ...but with felting, you often don't want the white patches so much.
    Happy New Year!!


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