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Monday, 19 December 2011

Fabric Printing Part 3 - the saga ends

If you have been following the fabric printing saga,  Part 1 and Part 2 didn't go too well.
 Part 3 is the happy ending I am glad to report. 
We did some more printing on the tea towels . This time I told the kids to just "go for it", which they enjoyed much better. And then I chopped it all up into triangles.......

Please ignore very crappy wall and ceiling

....and circles.

We shall do a bit of hand sewing this week.

I'm happy and the kids are happy. 
And we did manage to salvage 2 tea towels for teachers' gifts too.


  1. Wow they have come up a treat. I really would like to experiment with this soon.

    Peace and happpiness to you Trudi and your family.

  2. Wow I am glad you got it to work!Not one to run away from challenge!Not long to go now :)xx


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