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Saturday, 3 December 2011

MPAY- ho ho ho

Thanks Vic for hosting a christmas party over at MPAY this week.
We have put the christmas tree up this weekend. And what I really loved about it this year was that I didn't have to do it. My 9 year old took charge and he did it very well, all with very minimal fights with his siblings.
 It's all about the kids for us, right down to the decorations.
Nothing styled here.

 Some stunning egg carton bells....
 and who said you can't do anything with finger knitting?!

Do you find when you unpack the decorations something needs fixing/mending/chucking?
Not too bad this year. This tree still needs the bells sewn back on. But if you are a follower of this blog you know how I feel about mending. 
One year I unpacked mouldy salt dough creations - not so good.

And there is always a bit of kid's christmas craft going on. 
Thought we'd try fabric painting . Thought it would be fun. Thought the kids would be happy. 
Wrong Wrong Wrong. 
If only I could show you the photo of my angelic 6 year old daughter giving me the bird . And that was basically the mood of the day. It was a real test of my sanity. And I'm not sure of the results....
 And not to stop there. I put one in the washing machine and obviously didn't iron it for long enough as some of the paint washed out.. Can anyone tell me - can I put them in the dryer to heat set?

So here's(raising eggnog glass) to blogging and christmas!!!


  1. Love the tree with all the craft ornaments.

  2. I think the fabric painting turned our great... but I wasn't there for the turmoil!

    I love how you have the stockings under the tree, very cute.

  3. I too was going to put ours up this weekend - failed ! ..yours looked great though so I shall live vicariously through you .D
    lol.. with your kiddy crafting :D arhhh the serenity - not! .D

    see ya tomorrow lovely one xo

  4. I wish someone would put my tree up for me. One of the boys girlfriends did it last year but as she's not a girlfriend anymore I'll have to do it myself. Love the printing.

  5. I really miss the kiddy Christmas craft (maybe not the mess though).

  6. Thanks for coming over to visit my blog and your very nice comment. It's going to be an interesting Christmas in blogland seeing all the different Christmas trees and traditions - your tree is very unique and has some very special ornaments and lucky you - you could just sit back and watch the decorating!!

  7. The fabric printing looks great but I hate when something you think is going to be Fun! turns sour. And trees like yours are the best sort, I think.

  8. Your tree looks lovely, it is all about the kids at our house too. I am contemplating some Christmas crafting with my boys, but they probably couldn't care less so don't know if I will bother!! haha...Julie:)

  9. You have just made me very excited for the year my daughter is old enough for Christmas craft! How fun! But, I bet I'm not saying that when it happens! hehe

  10. Fabulous. I agree, Cheers, to eggnog, blogging and Christmas. xo

  11. I have to admit I rather like the kids enthusiasm getting it all up now they are older. the kids love seeing all their old decos they made don't they?


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