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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

My creative space - Ta Da!

I did it. From natural undyed silk and merino to this. 
See the spinning journey here -

And then there was disaster. 
This should be a post on it's own, titled When fabric printing goes terribly wrong -Part 2.

 I had this vision- to make hand printed tea towels with the kids for special gifts...
I used texcraft dual purpose fabric paint on linen , I ironed and ironed and ironed to heat set them.
And then they went in the wash. That's when the disaster struck.
They are going to get scrapped....and I now have to break it to the kids.
There be will a part 3 . And it is going to be a happy ending!

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  1. Hey Trudi, Love the scarves :)

    Oh dear... that's has happened to me too! I did a lot of testing to see what worked best to fix the dye! I use Permaset Aqua fabric paint and found that if I ironed for 40 seconds( making sure I didn't miss ANY spots) it seem to fix the dye perfectly! Tumble dryer didn't work for me! I know that if you over iron it to much it can be a problem too and can break down the dye and wont wash as well! Anyway hope that helps.. they look like such cute tea towels.. good luck :)

  2. beautiful, beautiful scarves.

    Those crazy moments of crafting that don't work out. All in the learning curve I guess.
    take care
    x Jill

  3. Hi Trudi, love your tea towels. I've had that problem with fabric ink setting too, I use Aquatex and Permaset brands (from art shops) and have found them better than the craft store brands, so maybe try that. I just iron and iron for ages but I think Lamina might be onto something about over ironing. Btw, if they're presents for family I would still give them to them - I don't think people expect homemade things to be absolutely perfect.

  4. Yay. You should be proud!!! Great yarn work.

  5. ahahaha.. you are a scream Trudi ! to me the towels look fine, oK, I admit the colour is not as bold but they have a kind of vintage look now and they look good like that too - well at least for what I can see anyhow :)

    The stole -> voila ! -> perfect !

  6. Trudi your spinning is gorgeous and your mum is going to love her present....its beautiful!

  7. I hope you got some good answers to your fabric printing experiment Trudi....Such a pitty they did not work as planned but I like them too!The scarf/ shall is amazing well done! x


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