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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Spinning, spinning, spinning

Started with these dyed merino tops........

.......and Ta Da- Golden Glow.
207grams , haven't done the maths yet for the length, and I'm guessing about a 8 ply.

Also having fun experimenting with some leftover tops.
Now this one I spun thick and thin on purpose - almost back to my beginnings. But I have been told you have to learn the rules before you can break them!
The single spin was then plyed with cotton.

And this is my latest mantra.
 It was also a part of a Kris Kringle present I made recently for a xmas party I couldn't get to.
Sob, sob, sob.(car still out of action).


So I took the advice and had a great day of dyeing merino tops.
Can't wait to show you.

And I having been popping into FIBRE ARTS FRIDAYWISDOM BEGINS IN WONDER for a month now and seeing all the beautiful fibre arts around the world, but this is my first linky there. So go on and check it out too.


  1. Looking awesome Trudi!You seriously need to print and frame that quote lol! Hope things are looking up with car...

  2. spin, spin, spin. it must be so meditative. cross fingers on the vehicle front.

  3. That golden glow yarn is beautiful. Very cheerful.

    Welcome to FAF!

  4. That roving looks like a copper color on my screen ... it's fabulous!

  5. Welcome to Fiber Arts Friday!
    Your yarn is gorgeous! I love the golden yellow and the thick and thin yarn. It is hard to let go of the "control" of spinning at one weight and actually gain control to make it thick and thin. I actually sing in my head while making my thick and thin. I feel like I gain more rhythem that way plus spare those around me from hearing my singing ;-)

  6. Hello! Nice to meet you in the FAF group. Thank you for your nice comments about my big sweater. I truly appreciate everyone's feedback. Your yarn is beautiful, especially since I am loving orange and yellow these days. I'm looking forward to seeing your projects in future weeks. Have a great weekend.

  7. Ooo, what a great blog, I can see lots of interesting, artsy things I can look forward to reading about! Terrific post!

  8. Love the color of your first yarn....beautiful yellow/gold are hard to find. Welcome....looking forward to more post.

  9. I really do wish I were more of a knitty/crocheting type, this looks stunning!


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