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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sunday Snippets

A scenic drive through the Gorge to the burbs
From a moving car and a special effect I didn't have time to change -oops 
 and a very very very windy road.

 Finished a miny crochet bunting.

Fellow crocheters might be amused at this as much as me. 
My husband will often bring me home a special drink on a friday. 
Of late we have been trying out all the new ciders.
Look at the crochet label!!

And the kids have been getting ready to spread the christmas cheer.

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  1. I used to live in cider country where scrummpy was king,
    Do you have it there?

  2. Hi again could you help me how do you put reply on the comments?

  3. Seriously, that label makes me wish I liked cider.

    That wee bunting is a-frikkin-dorable!

  4. lol about the label I hope you kept it :)


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