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Friday, 20 January 2012

grateful for a wee stop

Odd title you think?
If you can stand looking at our recent camping location all will be explained.

We went camping last week down south. It was about a 7ish hour drive.
Beautiful spot. I do wish I'd packed winter gear though -absolutely freezing the first 2 nights.
On our return journey , about 40 minutes from home we had to pull over for a quick bush wee. That's when my husband noticed the trailer wheel was just about to come off! I have never been more grateful for that call to nature. It potentially saved us from something far worse than the $400 plus bill it cost to fix it.

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  1. OOps! The pictures are just beautiful Trudi! Such a pretty place! xx

  2. Thank goodness! Mind you, I'm always pretty grateful for a wee stop!!

    What a BEAUTIFUL corner of the world you camped in. Paradise. x

  3. The pictures were lovely - looks like a great place to camp. Glad you stopped for that wee though!

  4. That looks like an amazing place to be! Almost makes me want to get over my fear of bugs and gi camping!


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