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Monday, 2 January 2012

Lovin' summer

Happy 2012 to everyone!
Finally summer has arrived here which means lots of lazy days by our pool.
For me it means lots of sitting by the pool and watching the kids. So in between the "look mum watch this trick" there is a lot of crocheting going on too.
And look what I found on Ravelry. I love all the colours. I love the yarn - Noro. And I love the style. This "skirt over jeans" is what I seam to wear alot of. And I love the fact I have a stash of Noro. Maybe not all the colours - but I will adapt.

Cute buttons too!


  1. It's gorgeous! What stunning colours

  2. what a nice colour!
    nice work!! :)

  3. The colours are great. I admire that you are still hooking away over the hols. I need to get back and finish all the projects from last year.

    Thank goodness the sun started shining.

    Happy new year Trudi.

  4. That is so groovy. I like wearing skirts over jeans also especially when it's cooler.


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