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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My hip cosy and more

Not too long ago I posted about a pattern  I found on ravelry. 
Once I started there was no putting the hook down.
This is a real quick and easy project. Of course I couldn't keep quite to the pattern. I made increases on only the first 2 rows. I also added 2 buttons to the inside edge, bottom and top.

And another crochet project was started immediately. This time a cushion cover for my son.
I couldn't decide between circles or squares

So I tried both!
added 2 rows to the circle and then realised I would
 then have to rework  the instructions for the remaining square .

If you like the circle, have you seen Kate's gorgeous circles blanket?

So anyway now I need another project. I think this time I want something that will last a little longer, something I can put down and pick up later, and I still will know where I am up to. It is sounding a lot like a blanket me thinks......might have to purchase some more yarn....

And just had to add a quick photo or 2 of Steve's latest creations. The Camphor coffee table lasted about 1 week in the gallery before it was sold.
camphor laurel table

gum bench seat (Edited - sold Thursday!)
Monday we drove 5 hours north to pick up some more timber.

The plan was to spend 2 nights camping also. 
The weather and flood watches changed this. We turned around and drove home -with 3 kids. Fortunately they are seasoned long distance car travellers and they were excellent.
Note the repaired trailer.

What's been happening in your creative corner this week?
Have you seen all the creativity going on over at ourcreativespaces ?
And have you seen all the lush fiber creativity going on over at Wisdom Begins in Wonder ?


  1. I really like your hip cosy, Trudi! Very cute. The cushion cover is great - lucky son. Gosh, you've been busy eh? I'm not surprised the camphor coffee table sold real quick. It's a beauty.

  2. I love this hip cozy...I think I will have to make one up myself-I have some really special large buttons made from recycled silky oak and need something for them to go on ;o) I just retrieved a silky oak tree which was destined for landfill, it's now cut up in my shed ready to become some slab style chairs, so I loved seeing your fellas' work :o) Camphor laurel has such beautiful colours in it, eh?
    p.s- I love the quote at the top of your blog, it's one of my favourites so thanks for sharing it as is nice to be reminded of it, xkate

  3. Hola. Me gusta mucho como te ha quedado la falda, es preciosa.
    Un saludo.

  4. What a brilliant skirt/ hip cozy. Looks so funkY! love the buttons you chose too.

  5. Well done! I really like the square version of the cushion.the perfume from the table must be amazing!My great grand father and uncle were making wood furniture (sorry I am not sure of the english word ;( but my favourite part was the smell of their studios :) Have a nice weekend and good luck for MOnday :)

  6. I love the hip cosy! I want to make one! And wow those tables are gorgeous!!!

  7. Your hip cozy is adorable, it looks so cute over your jeans! Your hubby is very talented too, love the woodworking!

  8. That hip cozy would come in handy after a yoga or exercise class!

  9. The pillows are great and the skirt is super cool. Definitely different. Your husband's benches are beautiful.

  10. Love your crochet creations! Glad you are part of Fiber Arts Friday, will visit again soon!

  11. I love that table. Gorgeous!!

    Your skirt (hip cozy?) is super cute... I really like that look over your jeans. :-) I also like the term hip cozy. :-)

  12. So much beauty in this post, oh my gosh. The hip cozy is fantastic---not something I thought I'd ever want to make, but looking at yours is sending me scrambling straight for the pattern! And the cushion covers are great, I love the colours.

    And those tables. I want one thiiiiiiiiiiiis much.

  13. Great projects, Trudi!! You look awesome in the 'hip cozy' and the pillows are fantastic!

  14. Great projects, I love the skirt, it looks great. Your husbands creations are amazing too!

  15. The skirt is really cute. And the benches are nice.

  16. Like the way you wear your skirt over your jeans:) and I like the cushion with the round center also, good choice of colors:)

  17. Evil Blogger just gobbled up my comment. Grrr. There was some mention of a ripple blanket. Another mention of its pick-up-and-put-down-able-ness. A small disclaimer voiced over not being sure how long a ripple blanket honeymoon period lasts. (yikes). Lovin' your other crochet diversions in the meanwhile!

  18. You have been very busy with your hook and yarn, I like that cushion cover you made I've been meaning to make one but haven't finished the ripple blanket from last year, I'm not very good sticking to big projects mmmm. I love the coffee table your husband made:)

  19. Love your hip cozy! Nice pillow too. :']

  20. LOVE your hip cozy!!!! So much.
    And that cushion is fab too.
    I totally get the long term urge but after seeing this post I cannot wait to be done with mine so I can get back to the fun and quick stuff.

  21. hola!!me encanto tu blog,yo amo el gancho,el mosaiquismo,las plantas,etc,varias cosas en comun.amor y paz en tu vida,un gusto conocerte!


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