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Thursday, 5 January 2012

A spot of dressmaking / part 2

This could quite easily be titled Why I like crochet so much.
I'm just a bit chuffed with this revamp I have to say. The original dress has been on the dressmakers manequin in my lounge for the last few months. I have been staring at it, day in day out ...wondering how to approach it... thinking... and thinking. I really don't know why it took me so long to work out. It seems too obvious now.

 I just  love crochet.
I love crochet because it is so versatile and flexible. It has real building qualities. You can start from scratch or you can add to existing structures, go in circles or rows, or both . Renovate , revamp, restore, extend- crochet can do it all. And it is very forgiving for a imperfectionist like myself.
Here's a the quick pattern for the edging.
1st row dc to end.
2nd row *2dc, ch 3, repeat from *to end.

(Part 1 here.)


  1. Love it!!! It looks gorgeous and I love the crochet detail :)

  2. Gorgeous! I love the orange and green. Happy weekend Trudi!

  3. ingenious!
    I love it!
    I've just been doing some hack refashioning myself today, and now you've got me thinking about a crochet edge for the bottom of my dress...
    (I need a sharp crochet hook though)

  4. Love it! Absoultely gorgeous. And yes - these are the reasons I love crochet too.
    Loving the orange too. As I've already said - gorgeous!!!

  5. I can't say I LOVE crochet, but I LOVE this dress!!

  6. Clever chook. The 'obviousness' of the solution just goes to show you got it Oh, So, Right!

  7. Cool! Love the happy colours too! xx

  8. Wow! I also LOVE crochet and this re-fashion is just fantastic! A bit of hooking has made such a difference.

  9. Ohmygod I love it!
    Pretty much exactly what I had in mind.
    I have to see even the orange is working for me.
    It's such a happy dress.
    I bet you love wearing it.


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