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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A spot of dressmaking/Part 1

My dining table is always in use. 
Not for dining though. It is usually covered in folded clean washing or yarn.
But it was cleared recently for visitors so I took the opportunity to turn it into the sewing table. Out came the sewing machine as I thought I'd  finally revamp this dress that I got from mum on my last visit up north.


 But then someone piped up and said I promised her a dress.....

So out came a vintage pillow case, elastic and ribbon.
 Of course I had  to put a crochet flower on it too. 

The base flower pattern came from here. And then I kind of just winged it with the other two. Both are very similar - just slight variations. 
Using fine cotton( maybe 3 ply) and a 2.5 mm hook.
           -Start with a magic ring
-dc 14 into ring
- *ch 4, miss 1 dc, sl st in next dc, repeat from* till end.

Same cotton and hook.
Start with  a magic ring
- dc 16 into ring
- *ch 4, miss 1 dc, sl st into next dc, repeat from* to end.
- * ch 3 , 2tr in loop, ch 3 , sl st in top sl st of previous round, repeat from *  

And so my dress  was destined for another day....


  1. The flower absolutely tops the dress off, Trudi. x

  2. that little dress is so cute Trudi!
    when I saw the top dress I couldn't help but think of Curlypops, very much her colours.
    happy new year to you Trudi ♥

  3. Such a cute little dress! And I love the fabric of the other dress!! Looking forward to seeing what the re-vamp will be :)

  4. So pretty!
    And I love the addition of the flower :-)
    (My dining room table currently houses my sewing machine...and very rarely gets used for dining)


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